Your Timism lifehour shares will have value to pay loans, taxes, healthcare and everyday purchases when the following is true: When millions have billions of lifehour shares, we will have a new cyber-currency to solve our problems. Encourage and sponsor friends, family and peers to signup and support 24in4.

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Why you should signup to support Timism's goal
of the Primary Moral Imperative to save life
on Planet Earth with the tools of Timism
for better democracy and capitalism.
Important 24in4 questions:
  • If Timism's 24in4 proposal could cut your weekly cost of living by 8 hours, would you be willing to weekly work 8 hours less?
  • If you could earn better healthcare coverage by weekly volunteering 8 hours in needed, meaningful, productive, quantifiable community service, would you be willing to weekly work 8 hours less.
A forty-hour workweek minus eight minus eight equals a twenty-hour workweek. A by-product would be promotions to higher-paying jobs.

As is, one only has nine wage-hours of disposable income. With 24in4, one would have twelve hours of disposable income in a safer, saner world as the costly problems of unemployment, underemployment and misemployment would lessen.

That is the promise of 24in4 by the Timists: The Party of More Time.

  1. By better employing our human resources, we can have and need a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more fun and funds for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.
  2. Either we share job time or we share jobless crime.
Since 1980, the average middle-class family has had to annually work 12 weeks longer to maintain the same standard of living. Retirement is a disappearing American Dream. Decapitalism and 401ks are the immoral legal vehicles stealing your time.

Your choice:
Work more and more for less and less
Timists: The Party of More Time.

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