Short-Term Signup Limitations
Due to limited initial cloud power, signups are restricted. You are
encouraged to step thru the next webpages to pre-plan for when
sign-ups open up. Learn of homestead bonuses up to $200,000 based
on first come first serve. Follow @brainbees for a heads-up.
Homesteading ... Business model.
Financial Gateway: Abacus Bank,

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Sign up for better democracy and capitalism by voting for your school
to have rights to royalities of brainbees and votetime.

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Timists: The Party of More Time
The creation of the Timists is modeled after a Silicon Valley startup except
Timism promotes capitalism per capita, not decapitalism.
Timism does not need seed capital to mature an idea into reality:
the software is 99% or 100% complete.
Timism ownership is earned
by helping create Timism,
quantified in lifehours.

Timism: A New Social Media
24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
Timism: The Morality of More Time
Timists: The Party of More Time

Earn More Lifehour Credits
Trade Your Lifehours
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Global Democracy and
Better Capitalism Funded by:

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of all emails: Global to Local,
millions a day.)