Important 24in4 questions:
  • If 24in4 could cut your weekly cost of living by 8 hours, would you be willing to weekly work 8 hours less?
  • If you could earn better healthcare coverage by weekly volunteering 8 hours in needed, meaningful, productive, quantifiable community service, would you be willing to weekly work 8 hours less.
That is the promise of 24in4 by the Timists: The Party of More Time.
  1. By better employing our human resources, we can have and need a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more fun and funds for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.
  2. Either we share job time or we share jobless crime.
Since 1980, the average middle-class family has had to annually work 12 weeks longer to maintain the same standard of living. Retirement is a disappearing American Dream. Decapitalism and 401ks are the immoral legal vehicles stealing your time.

Your choice:
Work more and more for less and less
Timists: The Party of More Time.

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Timism has developed tools for better democracy (brainbees) and better capitalism (lifehours). A new nation can have the transparent tools quickly applied to an ICANN code (Nation Add) in a few hours.

Beyond the tools  is  the 24in4 pre-amble for saving life on Planet Earth, aka, the Primary Moral Imperative.

The main body of change is the Manheaven Project pattern after the WWII Manhattan project. With brainbees we will be able to prioritize our activities to reduce carbon dioxide generation.

Abraham Lincoln said No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent. It is like the doctor cannot treat the patient without the patient's consent. To tackle climate change we need to use brainbees to tap the intelligence and the will of we, the people, to reduce CO2 generation with an awareness of what things cost in generated CO2.

The real cost of anything is time, not funny numbers on funny paper. This truth is universal and absolute across centuries, politics and economics. The real cost of fossil fuels has two time parts: The upfront time cost of producing the fuel and the time cost of climate change destroying our environment with time-wasting worsening storms.

A gallon of gas may cost only 6 minute of an average hourly wage of $25. But,

Properly understood, one realizes that the gasoline pump price is a downpayment on a time-loan from Mother Nature who has the worst loan shark interest rate: Climate chaos and catastrophes.

The cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts: the cost of living and the cost of the lying. The former is the CO2 generated for our needs to live while the latter is the CO2 metastasized for our wants. We need to re-time our needs to cost less in CO2-generated and de-time our wants to eliminate CO2-metastasis.

Our public policy-making is monopolized by greedy, decapitalistic money dictators. They legislate based on thinking they can move away from climate catastrophes. These climate criminals will not save life on Planet Earth. Only weekly, brainbee-driven plebiscites will provide public force of will to eliminate life-killing CO2 generation. The mode and means already exists.

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