Dollar Democracy: Critique and Earn A Lifehour Credit

Many solutions are proposed from timistic analysis of many environmental, economic and political problems. Feedback from interested, concerned citizens will increase the applicability of proposals by noting unintended consequences or collateral damage. An avenue is provided for submitting feedback.

One can submit a comment of upto 255 characters for which a fee is charged consisting of the processing fee and one dollar ... whence the term Dollar Democracy. The submitter receives one lifehour credit for their account.

At 100,000 submissions, submitting will terminate. A brainbee will be initiated. Winners' of brainbee "hives" will receive lifehour rewards parallel to the level, e.g., level one = one lifehour credit, level two = two lifehour credits, etc. There is a one dollar fee per submission (plus the few pennies processing fee) whence the term "Dollar Democracy." Only one submission per supporter. Each submission earns one lifehour credit.

When the final brainbee is complete, the votes will be analyzed to create a 343-comment citizen commission ranked highest to lowest vote. All Dollar Democracy "planks"  will be combined for a national plebiscite when Congress calls for it. Also see, Dollar Democracy Principles.

An Informed Electorate Votes the Best Policies
More to come. Be the first to know, to read and to critique.
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160404 Taxes, Profit-Sharing: Cut political corruption at the origin. www

More to come. Be the first to know, to read and to critique--Follow on Twitter@Brainbees (future)

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