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Electoral College Demise: Boycott Elector's Finances.

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The Electoral College was set up because the Founding Fathers did not trust the average voter. Political appointees would decide Presidential elections. The 2016 Presidential election showed how the elitist Electors can harm the United States despite the losing candidate having millions more ballot box votes.

Throughout history, the simplest, non-violent way of affecting change was the boycott. Named after an Irish land agent, John Boycott, the term describes how, during the 1840s potato famine, tenant farmers en masse refused to pay rent. This forced landowners to lower rents to a reasonable level.

Boycotts were used by Gandhi to end English rule of India. MLK used boycotts to end many instances of discrimination, e.g., the bus strike. South Africa apartheid ended from the growing pressure of a global boycott of South African products.

The needed end of the Electoral College will come from a registry of 2020 Electors whereby you, the reader, can boycott the financial well-being of the Electors, their pareents, their siblings and their offspring.

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I support eliminating the Electoral College by boycotting the business well-being of 2020 electors and their families.

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