Idea Lottery: One Million Votes

Planks of the Timist Party Platform:
The Party for More Time

Based on a Timistic analysis of a problem, an idea is proposed with an ideal solution. Supporters of the the reform can vote support for it. The voter receives one lifehour credit for reading and supporting the idea. A Dollar for Democracy covers the administative costs which is recorded as a partial lifehour warrant. (Idea Lottery are prelude to public brainbees, e.g., Citizen Legislation, Peoples' Primaries, Civility, etc.)

When one million votes have been recorded, seven supporters will be randomly chosen with the following lifehour rewards.

Idea Lottery Awards
Lifehour Value: $25
# Lifehours






















When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a new problem-solving cyber-currency
that will unite symbols with substance, wealth with worth and form with function.

Idea Lotteries:

Collected funds will be used to promote public awareness of the idea.
Save time and money when voting for an idea, use Pre-Payment.

People who work at proscibed companies that violate a Idea Lottery, lose any Timism benefits,
e.g., loan refinancing and community service for healthcare.



  1. Primary Moral Imperative 190803
  2. Igknowance Tax: Flooded Cars 190803
  3. Profit-Sharing Taxation 190803
  4. Election Reform
  5. Climate Hell: Cancers, Criminals and Lemmings
  6. Decapitalism (190806)
    • 401ks: Biggest Bank Robbery in History 190806
    • 529s: Ponzi Scheme 190806
  7. 24in4: Share Jobtime or Jobless Crime
    • Refi-13: Zero interest loan refinancing 190806
    • Healthcare via Community Service 190806
    • Flip-Flop 4-day workweek (teachers) 190806
  8. Mental Vitamins of Timism 190806
  9. Lifehours
  10. Opiate Crisis:
  11. Laws, Everyday
  12. Timists: Consider The Party Of, By and For More Time
  13. Constitutional Amendments:
  14. 2002 Presidential Election: Climate Hell
    1. Cancers
    2. Criminals
    3. Lemmings
    4. Co-enablers
      • Political Pud-Pounding Pundits
      • Media
    5. Cancers Killer
  1. 24in4: Refi-13, Healthcare, & Flipflop workweek
  2. 401ks: Biggest Bank Robbery in History
  3. 529s: Ponzi Scheme
  4. Citizen Legislation
  5. Decapitalism
  6. Electoral College Boycott
  7. Flip-Flop 4-day workweek (teachers)
  8. Healthcare via Community Service
  9. Igknowance Taxes:
  10. Lifehours: A Currency for the Primary Moral Imperative
  11. Mental Vitamins of Timism
  12. Opiates: Medicare/Medicaid Fueled
  13. Primary Moral Imperative
  14. Profit-Sharing Taxation
  15. Refi-13: Zero interest loan refinancing
  16. Staggered Elections
  17. Taxes
  18. Term Limits & Habitual Politicians
  19. Women 50/50
  20. Youth Wisdom Forum

Future Inclusions