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Idea Lottery: Igknowance Tax--Bill of Responsibility
To promote public awareness of Timism's keys for reversing climate change, Idea Lotteries are provided with incentives for the supporters of Timism efforts. Initially, for a few pennies up to a democracy dollar, each supporter receives one lifehour credit (an EMV of about $25 [trading]) as well as a partial lifehour warrant for the payment. When the claimers count reaches one million supporters, seven supporters will be randomly picked for lifehour bonuses (see below table). In addition, a brainbee will be initiated for the submissions with the same rewards for the top seven winners.

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Idea Lottery:
Igknowance Tax--Bill of Responsibility

  1. Igknowance is choosing not to know which is different than moronity, naivete and hypocrisy.
  2. Igknowance is bliss ... only until the igknowed problems blitz your life.
  3. Problems waste time. When you keep igknowing a problem, you waste time continually.
  4. Either we can tax our igknowance out of existence or our igknowance will tax us out of existence.
  5. An igknowance tax is like the Bill of Rights only it is a Bill of Responsibility, that is, requiring people to respond to their abilities.
  6. Invariably, igknowance not only taxes the igknowamus but taxes naive bystanders.
  7. The evil of igknowance triumphs when naive bystanders become knowledgeable and do nothing ... thus, perpetuating igknowance.
  8. The evil triumphs when meaningful people allow the meaningless igknowamuses to live beyound their means ... means which can only come from the meaningful.

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Tax Igknowance once or Igknowance will tax forever

I support an igknowance taxes to stop igknowant people from wasting my time, funds, and taxes.

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