Reasons for and steps to 24in4

Usury Victims: As middle-class workers, let us do what the rich do, that is, refinance our debts and assets via a new quasi-government agency, the 24in4 Trust. Usury is banned by both the Bible and the Koran. What can one say of usury? "Never was so much owed by so many to so few" (a la Winston Churchill).

  1. Want a one-time zero-interest refinancing of all loans with profit-sharing payback? See Refinance 13. Support 24in4.
  2. Want a safer, saner world? Support 24in4 Either we share job time or jobless crime. Vote your school. Endow your school.
  3. Want a guaranteed career job? Signup for 24in4. It's free till 1,000,000 members. Thereafter, one hour of wages.
  4. Want guaranteed healthcare in exchange for community service? Demand 24in4.

With 24in4, grads can work in career fields. Of 1990 college grads, 50% never worked in their career field for which they studied and borrowed for four years. Many are baristas, aka, hamburger helpers. Of 2014 grads, 90% depend on parents for part or all of living expenses, i.e., boomerang babies. In 2015, both percentages are worse. And, with 24in4 your loans are re-set to zero interest (if you are one of the first 1,000,000 supporters).

To not actively support 24in4 is to condemn yourself to two or three near-minimum wage jobs with no benefits and no security in an ever less safe world. Start by voting for your alma mater or local school to have 24in4 software rights and dollars.

With 24in4 we can realize two principles to save the middle-class and fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change.

  1. When politicians legislate good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite and polished without police.
  2. The best government is the least government only if we better self-govern.

The 24in4 Movement is designed to be like a  government trust. It is a non-Silicon Valley startup. It's LBO/IPO date determined by middle-class Americans wanting better democracy and capitalism. Rewards in a new currency are commisserate with their effort to create a better world to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative. The Dollar is Dying or Dead as a Problem-Solving Tool: Essay ... Youtube. We need an honest, functional currency: Lifehours. We can create it as a quantified reward for organizing a safer, saner world.

24in4 is the Preamble to the Manheaven Project, a 20-year effort for sequencing the steps
to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative. ...  24in4 Index ... Details
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