Bonus Lifehour Credits

Business Model: Timism is programmed to give away 400 to 600 million lifehours with a market cap of $10 to $15 billion.

Topic Areas:   Climate Criminals ... CO2 Killer Molecule ... Constitutional Amendment ... Launch ... Laws ... Nexus ... Plebiscites ... PTSD ... Speed of light ... Primaries 2019/2020 ... VoteTime
Schools: Jsarg ... GMU ... PennState ... JTyler ... UMBC ... VCU/UVA ...VSU (LSU etc)

$35,000,000 to seven programmers who take over Timism coding: I'm tired.

Launch 2019 for Creating New Political Force:
Timists, The Party of More Time
Member Email:

Timsts: Primaries and Platform
Timists: The Party of More Time--How to create a new political force based on better democracy and better capitalism for $10 billion. First come, first serve: $60,000 in lifehour shares.
Political Brainbees 2019/2020
Timist Party Platform: Enforce the law ... term limits ... citizen citations (email_Timist_Party_Platform)

Primary Moral Imperative: Save life on Planet Earth from climate change, chaos, catastrophe and criminals.
Carbon Dioxide: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. How your beer explains climate change, extremes and contradictions.
Emergency Funding: Earn one-time dual 25:1 return for making a donation to Timism.
Endower a School: Receive one-lifehour credit (about $25) for each person who votes for the school you endow.
Navy, Army or Air Force: For a limited time, active service members earn up to $400,000 in lifehour credits. First come, First Serve
IQ Idiot: How do you tell a really intelligent person?

More Lifehour Options
Facebook Friends: Earn five lifehour credits (about $125) for each person who cites you as their sponsor.
Brainbees Twitter: Be the first to learn of new lifehour credits upwards of $60,000.
Pre-Payment: Save Time. Most Lifehour grants require Dollar Democracy. With pre-pay, you can line up 5,10,25,50 dollar democracy lifehour purchases and avoid the tedium of entering your credit card each time.


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