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Converting Lifehour Credits into Cash

Management of Timism

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Management, Administrative
and Staff Needs

EC=Exec Committee ...  FA=Faculty Advisor ... SC=Steeering Committee ... S=State ... D=District
EC SC # O Position/Description Signup S D
Timists: Party Maker ... ??

 Elementary Democracy: FA

EC SC 1 Coordinator
1 Criminal Justice
1 Disaster
1 Lifehours
1 Veterans
1 Votetime

Information Systems (top) ( Revu Openings) Scripters(27)

EC SC 1 Manager
SC 1 Cloud
3 VoteTime***
3 Webmaster

Management (top) ( Revu Status)

24in4 Quality Control(web/PR)
1 Accounts
50 Ballot Manager
1 Bookkeeper
1 Disaster
1 Jobtime
Payments (AuthorizeNet & PayPal)
1 Speakers
1 Veterans
1 VoteTime($$$)

Marketing (top) ( Revu Openings)

Chemistry (Universities, H.S.)
Items: Bumper Stickers, hats, etc
50 Economics, Googlers (Universities, H.S.)
50 Education, Googlers
50 Environmentalists, Googlers
3 JobTime***
50 Political Science, Googlers
50 Programmers, Googlers

Scripters, PHP/Mysqli: Scripts of Timism ( Revu Openings)

3 24in4Signup
3 Brainbees***
EC SC 1 Coordinator
3 JobTime***
1 Signup

Public Relations (top) ( Revu Openings)

1 Coordinator
1 Posters
1 TV ads
1 Sales of Business Supporters

Social Media (top) ( Revu Openings)

1 Change.org
1 Coordinator
1 Facebook
1 Reddit
1 Twitter

Speakers(Venues/Fees) (top) ( Revu Openings)

Editors: Lifehours, Global Dying, Capitalism (top) ( Revu Openings)


Veterans Affairs (top) ( Revu Openings)

1 Arborists
1 Coordinator
1 VoteTime

Testing ( Revu Status)

50 Test States
1 1 of 1


Test Senior/Junior


Test 3


Test 7
A50,A2,A3,A7 ... R50,R2,R3,R7 D?

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To cover processing, a $1 fee is charged to review or to signup.
Receive one lifehour credit for processing time (about 5 minutes).

Notes and incomplete thoughts:

  1. Please note on pay and redemption: at loan, then one hour pay ... hourly lifehour comp to be varied.
  2. Cost one dollar to apply--security feature. First to trade lifehour credis ... Buyback versus Middle-class buy  ...
  3. Product development: rights 10% donation to V.A. hospital. T-shirts, cups, flags
  4. Applications will be taken when National Rights Obtained by a Virginia Public University.
  5. Applications to be initially limited to unversity students and alumni per email domain name.
  6. Pay: Parity to private enterprise. Initially in lifehour credits till cashflow. Monthly proportional distribution. Credits redeemed later via a
  7. Limited to three
  8. Primary ones:
    1. Ballot Managers
  9. Dutch Auction or
  10. traded on-line.
  11. Bonuses: See
  12. Commitees