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Foreign Media Claim of Lifehours
for Reviewing/Critiquing, Pro or Con

Media Claims Introduction: US & Foreign

Media Claims of Timism's Cyber-Currency: Lifehours
(US and Foreign)

Primary Lifehour Bonuses: 500/250/125 ... Secondary Bonuses: 25

In order to viralize Timism's brand for better democracy and capitalism, Timism's business model encourages individuals to claim large amounts of lifehours (1,000) in many ways. In parallel, media gatekeepers can claim lifehours by critiquing Timism reforms, proposals and treatises (pro or con).

The lifehour bonus for the reviewer is also assigned the media, e.g., newspaper. A valid media domain and media email are required. Domain name of reviewer must be same as media.

US entities immediately receive the lifehour credits via their Timism accounts. For foreign gatekeepers, lifehour awards will be transferred to accounts when the foreign nation becomes active via the Add A Nation option.

  1. There is a limit  of entities per nation or state.
  2. All should encourage readers, listeners, viewers or members to sign up with entity's email address as sponsor (five lifehour credits).
  3. Only newspapers (US and Foreign) have review options in Re-Branding Existence.
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For the one-time, single 10,000,000 lifehour bonus topic (Big D: The Devastation of American).

Foreign Media Claim of Lifehours:
Select Non-US Nation
Media Climate Organization ... Journal, Science ... Magazine
Newspaper ... Radio ... TV ...
Media Name
Media Domain 30 characters max
Media Email 30 characters max
If newspaper or magazine
Reviewer's Email
Review Article Title ... Pro ... Con
Review URL
$2.50 Fee to process media bonus
No Refunds

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