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Foreign Media Claims

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Foreign Media Claims of Timism Shares

Lifehour Bonuses: 5000/2500/1250/625

In order to viralize Timism's brand for better democracy and capitalism, Timism's business model encourages individuals to claim large stock options (1,000) in many ways. In parallel, media outlets can claim even larger blocks of stock by uploading a Timism tract and commenting on it. There are four levels for foreign media with the initial lifehour grant halved at each subsequent level. A 10% fee is paid to the reviewer of the tract if magazine or newspaper. Stock awards will be transferred when the foreign nation becomes active via the Add A Nation option.

Media Outlets

  1. Magazine: Review the tract
  2. Newspaper: Review the tract
  3. Radio: Once an hour comment with URL of uploaded tract.
  4. Television: Comment at beginning of each news segment unless climate change focus then at the beginning of the first weather segment of each segment. Can be just a 15 second screen shot.

There is a $5 fee that serves as a quality control step.

In both cases, the funds lent as direct cash or as accounts receivable receive equivalennt lifehour warrants (aka bonds).

  1. Banned newspapers: Some organizations have been impediments or harmful to Timism goal of the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from climate chaos. Exclusions to this offer are the following newspapers their chain/subsidiaries: NYTimes, McClatchy, Observer/Guardian, Des Moines Register and N.H. Union Leader.

For more newspaper opportunities--including the single 10,000,000 lifehour bonus topic (Big D: The Devastation of American)--follow announcements at "

Listing of review per focus: All Nations ... All Media

Business Model ... Philantropist ... add a nation

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Foreign Media Claiming Timism Lifehour Options
Select the issue for which to claim the newspaper mega bonus.
Date - Text Title [Alphabetical sort]
190806 Text Global Dying: Historic Droughts and Floods
190806 Text Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
190630 Text Test Title (if Defaults active)

Test Data entered. Can be over-written.

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