Media Claims: Newspaper, Radio, TV
Lifehour Bonuses: 100,000 ... 50,000 ... 25,000

In order to viralize Timism's brand for better democracy and capitalism, Timism's business model encourages individuals to receive large stock options (1,000) in many plebiscites. In parallel, news media can receive even larger blocks of stock by publishing the plebiscites. In both cases, the funds lent as direct cash or as accounts receivable receive equivalennt lifehour warrants (aka bonds).

As a rule, the first media outlet in one of the three traditional news sources (newspaper, radio and TV) receive 100,000 lifehours credits. Subsequent firsts in state wins 50,000 credits. Firsts in congressional district receives 25,000 credits. There are no district second places.

Publishing cost are recorded as lifehour warrants for repayment FIFO. Maximum re-imbursement is $100,000.

Publishing requirements are as follow:

  1. Newspaper: Printed copy of linked text.
  2. Radio: 100 announcements of the voice over of the video recordings (15 seconds or less) between 6am and 8pm, 10 per day.
  3. TV: 100 announcements of the video recordings (about 15 seconds) one each news cast, one per hour. (CO2 Killer Molecule at the beginning of weather segment.)
Per the text for radio and TV, please do the voice over based on the TV link text and compose a simple black and white screen shot of the TV text. Radios merely broadcat the audio.

All media are encouraged to claim sponsor(5) or recruiting(1) rights to lifehour credits. For instance, a reporter might review part of a claimed topic encouraging readers to cite his email address as the sponsor and the newspaper email address as the recruiter

Banned media outlets: Some organizations have been impediments or harmful to Timism goal of the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from climate chaos.

  1. Newspaper: Richmond Times-Dispatch, New York Times, Miami Herald, BHC affiliates

There is a $20 review fee to confirm fulfillment of the requirements.

If an email address is entered in the byline field, that person (if active account) will receive a sponsorship fee equal to 10% of cited media's lifehour credit bonus.

For more media opportunities--including the single 10,000,000 lifehour bonus topic--follow announcements at Follow @brainbees

Media: TV... Newspaper ... Radio
Text TV Title and AV voice-over text
Text TV How to create a new political party using an internet startup with large stock options to supporters of platform.
Text TV The Primary Moral Imperative is to save life on Planet Earth.
Text TV Is Carbon Dioxide the Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule?
Text TV Are 529s an Inflationary Ponzi Scheme?
Text TV Test Title
Future: Women 5050, Military, Healthcare, Refi-13, Flipflop workweek, etc.

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Publishing cost
State (2-letter)
Congressional District
By-Line Credit (10% fee)
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