Your Timism lifehour shares will have value to pay loans, taxes, healthcare and everyday purchases when the following is true: When millions have billions of lifehour shares, we will have a new cyber-currency to solve our problems. Encourage and sponsor friends, family and peers to signup and support 24in4.

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Media Claims: Newspaper Mega Bonus

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Media Claims:
Newspaper Mega Bonus

Lifehour Bonuses: National 100,000 ($2,500,000) ... State 10,000 ($250,000)

In order to viralize Timism's brand for better democracy and capitalism, Timism's business model encourages individuals to receive large stock options (1,000) in many ways. In parallel, newspapers can receive even larger blocks of stock by publishing the Timism tracts. In both cases, the funds lent as direct cash or as accounts receivable receive equivalennt lifehour warrants (aka bonds).

  1. The first daily U.S. newspaper receives the national 100,000 lifehours credits. Subsequent firsts in state wins 10,000 credits. Can be labeled as a paid political ad.
  2. Publishing cost are recorded as lifehour warrants for repayment FIFO. Maximum re-imbursement is $100,000.
  3. Publishing requirements are the original be maintain in content with formatting changes and small editorial changes.
  4. Newspapers are encouraged to claim sponsor(5) or recruiting(1) rights to lifehour credits. For instance, a reporter might review part of a claimed topic encouraging readers to cite his email address as the sponsor and the newspaper email address as the recruiter
  5. Banned newspapers: Some organizations have been impediments or harmful to Timism goal of the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from climate chaos. Exclusions to this offer are the following newspapers their chain/subsidiaries: NYTimes, McClatchy, Observer/Guardian, Des Moines Register and N.H. Union Leader.
  6. There is a $10.00 review fee to confirm fulfillment of the requirements (treated as a two-fer).
  7. If an email address is entered in the byline field, that person (if active account) will receive a sponsorship fee equal to 10% of cited newspaper's lifehour credit bonus.
  8. If the tract has already selected at the national or state level, you will receive notice when you submit. No payment if not submitted totally. You will receive two-fer credit for the fee if someone beats you in the final seconds.

For more newspaper opportunities--including the single 10,000,000 lifehour bonus topic (Big D: The Devastation of American)--follow announcements at Follow @brainbees .

If I published a daily newspaper, I would have a special insert with all the availble media bonus essays. You don't have to publish all of them. If you don't like parts of one, write a critique after it (at your cost, not timism). [Please note: Any group printing must include CO2: The Killer Molecule and the Primary Moral Imperative.]

Media Claiming Timism Lifehour Options
Select the issue for which to claim the newspaper mega bonus.
(Text column is a link to the Timism essay/issue for publication)
Date - Text Title (Future options in greytone) Alphabetical sort
190806 Text

24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime

190806 Text 401ks: Biggest Bank Robbery in History
190630 Text 529s: An Inflationary Ponzi Scheme
190901 Text Business Model: Timism
190806 Text California Etymology: 1500s Caliphate
190806 Text Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
190806 Text Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed
190803 Text Igknowance Tax Synopsis w/List
190803 Text Igknowance Tax: Flooded Cars
Igknowance Tax: Rescue Cost
Opiate Crisis: Medicaid/Medicare Fueling It
190915 Text Military: Climate Change Impact
190630 Text Peoples' Primaries
190630 Text Primary Moral Imperative: Save life on Planet Earth.
190803 Text Profit-Sharing Taxation
Text Product Transaction Tax
190803 Text Staggered Elections
190804 Text Women 50/50: Better Policy-making
190913 Text Timists: Party of, by and for More Time

Article Title
Name of Newspaper
Publishing cost (Format: 123456--no dollar sign or commas)
Published (Format: YYYY-MM-DD)
Sponsor By-Line Credit (10% reward)

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