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New Nation Crowdfunding

New Nation Crowdfunding

The Tools of Timism for better democracy and capitalism are being proved out in the United States and India. These tools  will be made available to other nations based on the purchase price being paid to Timism, Inc, via this Crowdfunding. The nation will be set up on a cloud platform with a management brainbee from which seven trustees will be selected for managing the nation's Tools of Timism. The Crowdfunders will have the first accounts (FIFO) with a two-fer  repayment in currency and lifehour credits of the new national timism website.

Determining Purchasing Fee

  1. Divide a nation's total population by the 3600 lifeseconds in one lifehour which yields the fee lifehours, e.g., a country of 18,000,000 would have a fee of 5000 fee lifehours.
  2. Calculate the nation's work hour value in dollars by dividing the per capita income by the average work year in hours, e.g., 2000. If a nation's per capita annual income is $50,000 then the workhour value is $25.00.
  3. The two-fer loan required to finance the creation of one's nation is the fee lifehour times the workhour value. In the example, it is 5000 x $25.00 or $125,000.

[These figures are not perfect but are rudimentary numbers to quickly get the tools of timism in more countries.]

The crowdfunding funds will be divided among the originators of Timism.com.

Tools of Timism: (webpage) [Some have un-deleted programming notes that will be cleaned-up in due time.]

  1. Better democracy
    1. Zero-cost Primaries
    2. Elementary Democracy
    3. Youth Wisdom Forum
    4. Personal Democracy
    5. OneTyme Brainbees
    6. VoteTime
  2. Economics: New currency system based on lifehours.
  3. Healthcare based on community service.
  4. Climate Change:  A United Global Effort to for the PMI to save life on earth by understanding CO2 killer and reducing our CO2 sinning with re-timing and de-timing brainbees.

Creation of national tools will be first come, first created. Accounts will be created in the new Timism website with emails requesting the full account information needed for brainbees, e.g., state, city, address, postal code, etc.

Timism Dual Citizenship: The goal of Timism since 1982 is the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. Social, economic and political turmoil primarily from the effects of climate change can not reversed without better democracy and capitalism. Otherwise, the accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown will kill us all with crime, terrorism and war. Time is the thread in the fabric of life. Our time is running our and our fabric is becoming thread-bare.

Thru this Crowdfunding of a new nation to have the tools of timism for better democracy and capitalism, we can create provisional governments for the lands in turmoil. The funders can become when the brainbees are activated the initial decision-makers to organize their homelands to safely return as a permanent resident or a visting kinfolk. This Crowdfunding program is part of Timism believe that the number one export for a safer, saner future is better democracy and better capitalism.

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