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529s College Savings Plans:

An Absurd Policy
for the Muddled-Class

General Summary of 529s:
  1. Robbing Peter to pay Paul
  2. Winning today's battle but losing the long-term war.
  3. Saltwater Policy: Taste good at start, worsens long-term thirst.
  4. Road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.
  5. Igknowance is bliss until igknowed problems blitz your life.

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BB Proposal/Issue/Article
Self-Sustaining Inflation: Everything done to reduce higher-ed inflation igknows the basic definition of inflation, that is, more money chasing the same goods and services. Higher-ed inflation is, thus, a self-sustaining and inevitable. If you throw money at inflation then you get more inflation like hosing a fire with gasoline.
Igknowant Relatives: Relatives who think they are helping their college-bound youngsters with tax-beneficial accounts igknow how the ballooning public debt is a de facto indirect college loan to which igknowant relatives obligate their youngsters. This national jumbo college loan is at higher interest rates than direct college loan interest rates.
First In, First Out: 529s are, overall, a Ponzi scheme with the first-in receiving the maximum benefits while later participants are stuck with higher debts, taxes and unemployment. Or, social, economic and political collapse.
Free Rides: Those who can pay the full college tuition when the baby is born are the ones who get to have college costs of two decades earlier. The pay-as-you-go, muddled class has to pay higher college costs to make up the difference between then and now costs.
Bad Math: 529s are a Ponzi scheme that benefit the rich because, like lottery tickets and 401ks, the muddled-class igknows basic math. The muddled class believe they can get something-for-nothing.

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