Plebiscites for Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth
from climate change, climate chaos, climate catastrophes
and, most needed, climate criminals.

24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
CO2: Killer Molecule
Personal Democracy
Youth Wisdom Forum
Special Stoneman Douglas Options

Personal Democracy Issues
for a National Dialogue
via Brainbees

Logically organizing our thoughts
to define, refine and enrich
our humanity

Let us find our Einstein Moments to create the most time by solving the biggest time-wasting problem affecting the greatest number of people, aka, the common good.

Issue Thesis/Proposal in Italics for Pro/Con submission.

Buys, Best Sharing great buys, eventually

Energy Savings We need to share how to save energy to lower the cost in time and CO2 sinning.

Fraud Finders Sharing instances of fraud to reduces the waste of time and money and to reduce CO2 sinning.

HMO Crimes List HMO obstructing healthcare

Home Violence How can we stop mayham and murder in the home?

JigsawPz Jigsaw Puzzle Speed Placing

Lies of Life A brainbee to allow people to share how they lied to themselves about their wants which resulted in wasting days, months and years of their lives.

Poem, Best What is your best poem?

Racism is for Dummies Why racism is dumb.

Short Story Got a short story?

New Forums New forum submission. What is another issue that needs a national dialogue?

Testing Issue Test without email limitation

Lifehour rewards available for a limited time.

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Funding for launching the Personal Democracy
provided ??? (tentative)
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