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Primary Moral Imperative:
Saving Life On Earth


More Time, in etymology and reality, is the basis of all morality ... at all levels of existence ... within all entities--see Morality of More Time. With The Ten Commandments all boil down to Thou shall not waste, steal or kill time so as to have more time. Global Warming having become Global Dying, the Number One moral imperative is saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.

Without time, there is no life. Time is the thread in the fabric of life. Time is the gravity of existence. Morality without practicality is immoral. The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad morality.

If you do not include the Primary Moral Imperative as part of all of your decision-making and problem-solving considerations, you are immoral. You are part of the problem not part of the solution. You are killing life on earth.

Primary Moral Imperative: Save Life on Planet Earth
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Profit, pride & proud: pro esse ... forward existence ... forward time.


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