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Only you can prevent terrorism.

Do you want to be happy in the one life that you have? You can only maximize your happiness by fulfilling the meaning of life which is create more time. You can be happy for a while if you are a thief stealing the money, respect or dignity of others. However, igknowance is bliss only until the igknowed problems blitz your life. You can lie to yourself and others about being happy but, in the end, the true state of you unhappiness will be inescapable ... karma. To be happy, don't be a taker but be an initiator. To be happy, live a profitable life in which you devote half of your time to self-survival and the other half to helping helpable others. By helping the helpable to solve their problems then their problems do not grow to become your problems.

Timism Plebiscites: Where you prove-out your Einstein Moments.

Issue Thesis/Proposal in Italics for Pro/Con submission.

Memorial Text B1 at bottom of Youth Wisdom Forum webpage, e.g., ???. Alternative if $10,000 not raised.

Drug Abuse, : Stopping B1 Suggestions on how to stop the abuse of drugs.

Fear No More B2 Mental vitamins to handle the existential meltdown in hopes of reversing it. Variations of the Serenity Prayer, aka, it is what it is.

Girl's Bull B3 The baloney of girls to get guys, bull that waste the time and lives of both.

Guys' Lies B4 The baloney of guys to get girls, lies that waste the time and lives of both.

Global Dying D1 Words to enlighten and motivate the young who will increasingly pay the cost for prior generations living beyond their means and trashing the future.

Parent, Great B6 When has your parent been great?

Best Poem of Youth B7 What is your best poem?

Racism is for Dummies B8 How to enlighten racists to their self-defeating attitudes.

Song, Best D7 What is your favorite new song

Story, Short M10 Got A good Short Story?

Teachers, Great B11 What makes a great teacher, 50 words or less.

I Shall Not Steal B12 Why young people should not steal. How people steal more than material, i.e., respect.

Violence: Stopping B14 How to stop violence--Mostly, don't start it.

New Issue What is another issue that needs a national dialogue?

Testing Issue Test without email limitation

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