Pre-Payment Dollar Democracy

Because of length restrictions in PayPal it cannot be used for processing brainbees in which the submission field is too long for PayPal processing. Thus, since necessity is the mother of invention, pre-payment was necessitated. PayPal can be used on non-brainbee Timism tools.

After the fact, it was realized that pre-payment offered many benefits.

  1. Lower cost for both Timism and supporters: Overall administrative fees are less for a single $25 fee payment versus 25 $1 fee payments.
  2. Faster processing
    1. Supporter by-passes repeated credit card information entry, one-time instead of many.
    2. Timism does not have to wait for credit card processing

Please Note: Timism does not store any credit card information.

Pre-Payment $1
$250 (max)
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