Your Timism lifehour shares will have value to pay loans, taxes, healthcare and everyday purchases when the following is true: When millions have billions of lifehour shares, we will have a new cyber-currency to solve our problems. Encourage and sponsor friends, family and peers to signup and support 24in4.

For new Timism's lifehour grant opportunites
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Pre-Payment for Daily Democracy

Pre-Payment Dollar Democracy

Pre-payment offered many benefits.

  1. You only have to enter you credit card information once for one or more Timism actions.
  2. Lower cost for both Timism and supporters: Overall administrative fees are less for a single $25 fee payment versus 25 $1 fee payments.
  3. Faster processing
    1. Supporter by-passes repeated credit card information entry, one-time instead of many.
    2. Timism does not have to wait for credit card processing
  4. An admission fee of thirty cents plus three percent is added to your prepayment.

Please Note: Timism does not store any credit card information.

Pre-Payment $5
$2500 max
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