When millions have billions in lifehour credits,
we will have a new problem-solving cyber-currency.

Emergency Fund:
Super Two-Fer
Needed Dollars$99,989

Emergency Start-up Funding:
25:1 Return On Your Donation/Loan

Normally, a Timism donation is divided by the U.S. average hourly wage (about $26) to compute lifehours, Timism's problem-solving cyber-currency. Thus, if one donates $26.00, one's account would be accredited with one lifehour warrants and one lifehour credits.  This is Timism's Two-Fer'ism.

This norm may not be sufficient incentive at the start to encourage supporters to donate quickly enough to help Timism bridge over accumulated start-up debt, e.g., maxed out credit cards. To stimulate more donations faster, Super Two-Fer was initiated with a goal of $100,000. With Super Two-Fer, the lifehours will be calculated at one dollar, one lifehour. Thus for a $26.00 donation, one will receive 26 lifehour warrants and 26 lifehour credits.

It is important to note Timism's future cashflow will repay the lifehour warrants with lifehour credits being used to purchase Timism products. Long-term, steady revenue will come from brainbee fees, JobTime, MarketTime and Civility Brainbees. In the short-term, signup fees after the first one million free accounts will generate $25 million from each additonal one million members. To get Timism's benefits, e.g., one-time, zero-interest loan refinancing (Refinance 13), one must pay one hour of wages. Would you?

Feel free to test at $1 to see the resulting bookkeeping tally. Thereafter, donate as much and as often as wish.

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Eventually, with Timists gaining legislative majority, lifehour credits will legitimate for paying loans and taxes. After the lifehour warrants have been retired, monthly dutch auctions akin to Treasury Department sale of bonds will be conducted by which lifehour credits can be traded for cash via Paypal transfers.