Pledge Intern Wages

Should designated philantropists (George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Mars, etc.) not establish an equity line at Abacus Bank for Timism Interns, then a backup plan is crowdfunding $250,000 by individuals for intern payroll.

No money will be collected until the $250,000 goal is reached at which time pledgers will be emailed a PayPal form.

There is a $1 processing fee for pledging. If the pledge funding is initiated, the pledger will receive a two-fer at the time, that is, a lifehour warrant and lifehour credit for each lifehour value of dollars pledged.

The minimum pledge is $25. The maximum of is $100. One can pledge only once. Pledging is not limited to the academic community of the associated focus. Friends, families and businesses can pledge. Ideally, alumni association, the university and faculty would be pledgers so interns can be hired sooner rather than later.

Please note this money will be managed by school business majors who apply for the jobs--see Timism Jobs.
Pledge Intern Wages
Focus State URL School $ Goal $ Pledged $ Needed
Brainbees Virginia vcu Virginia Commonwealth University $250,000 $ $250,000
CaveGarden Texas pqc Paul Quinn College $250,000 $ $250,000
CO2: Killer Molecule Virginia reynolds J.Sargeant Reynolds C.C. $250,000 $ $250,000
Elementary Democracy Virginia vsu Virginia State University $250,000 $ $250,000
Health Care Virginia jtcc John Tyler C.C. $250,000 $ $250,000
Testing Master Form timism Timism Test Univ. $250,000 $ $249,997
VoteTime Maryland umbc MD-U. Maryland, Baltimore County $250,000 $ $250,000
Minimum pledge of $25. Maximum is $100.
Receive one lifehour credit for pledging.
Pledge Amount
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