Regressive Bonus: 2500 to 1 lifehour credits ($62,500>$25) When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency anchored in brainbees to reunite wealth with worth, symbols with substance, and form with function.

Regressive Bonuses to Catalyze Timism Virality

Certain public institutions are initially designated with certain Timism programs. A number of tests will determine their final status. Important is support by students, faculty, staff and alumni. In pursuit of the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate change, Regressive Bonuses will allocated to eligible accounts based on the domain name of the email address.

The Regressive Bonus is simple: The first person to purchase a bonus receives 5000 lifehour credits which will have an eventual value of about $62,500 based on a lifehour value of about $25 (the average U.S. hourly wage). The second bonus claimant will have 4999 credits or about $62,475.

Remember, Timism's business model involves giving away 400 to 600 million shares with a market cap of $10 to $15 billion to those who support better democracy and better capitalism via the tools of Timism. If you look at the programs, you will realize the problem-solving value is worthy of support.

Normally, a start-up corporation is funded for a few million dollars from venture capitalists who then run the printing press effectively counterfeiting stock to raid and rape savings, pensions and 401ks, i.e., decapitalism. Timism is capitalism, rewarding individuals who use their heads (capita) to help solve problems with better democracy (brainbees) and better capitalism (lifehours)

Once, it was illegal to water-down stock by multiplying corporate shares. Not anymore. Private equity and hedge funds buy corporations and recapitalize by increasing the number of shares by a factor of ten or more. The irony is how they often borrow money from union pension funds. Duh.

Stocks are titles of ownership to a corporation. If you buy a car or house and re-sell it to numerous people with counterfeit titles of ownership, you go to jail. Decapitalists, instead, go on vacation and retire early with your pension, savings and 401k funds. 401ks are the biggest bank robbery in history. Stock options are the death certificates of America as corporate insiders focus on short-term symbols of growth rather than long-term substance of stability.

Timism's 400 to 600 million shares? A pittance if you do the math on the average IPO: $25/share with a market cap many times greater than Timism's $10 to $15 billion. (Consider Uber's IPO valuation of $120 billion.) And, the money does not go into the corporation's pocket for plants and production but into insider's M&M's--mansions and mistresses. IPO: Insiders Phooling Outsiders.

Capitalism itself is a victim of identity theft. Wall Street has hi-jacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize American producdtion and decapitate American jobs. Capitalism is nowhere near the crime scene of murdering the American Dream. Stock options and IPOs are why in 1980, the top 2% owned 20% of America's wealth but in 2019 the 2% owns over 60%. From 1980 to 2019, workers' retirement wealth dropped by 90%.

Never in history has so many been fleeced by so few:
Top 8 people own more wealth than 3.5 billion people.
How? 401ks, IPOs, and stock options.

There is a $10 charge which is credited as a lifehour warrant (about .4, that is, $10/$25). This fee will help Timism to pay its past and present bills.

Basically, for less than the price of a good pizza and drink, one can help oneself and fund the bigger picture: the PMI.

Remember the two goals of 24in4:

  1. By better spending our time, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.
  2. Share job time or jobless crime.

Remember this mantra: When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency.

In succession, certain university communities will be approached to be centers for different parts of Timism: The Morality of More Time. Each will have a Regression Bonus opportunity. Foci are

  1. 24in4
  2. Brainbees
  3. CaveGarden
  4. CO2: Killer Molecule
  5. Elementary Democracy
  6. Lifehours
  7. Speed of light
  8. Timism: Morality of More Time
  9. VoteTime

To learn of the launching of each, follow Brainbees at twitter.

Regressive Bonus Status
Focus State URL and
School Last
Next Lifehours
Bonus, Total
Bonus, Total
24in4 Virginia jtcc John Tyler C.C. 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
Brainbees Virginia vcu Virginia Commonwealth University 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
CaveGarden Texas pqc Paul Quinn College 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
CO2: Killer Molecule Virginia reynolds J.Sargeant Reynolds C.C. 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
Lifehours Virginia gmu George Mason University 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
Elementary Democracy Virginia vsu Virginia State University 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
Testing Master Form timism Timism Test Univ. 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0
VoteTime Maryland umbc U. Maryland, Baltimore County 0 2,500 $62,500 0 $0

Only email addresses with the domain URL can claim a regression bonus.

IPaddr: ... honor code