Start-up Announcements/Requests

Below the Nexus Table is the future, full-blown, simple Super Brainbee:
a one-page, universal, public problem-solving tool of democracy
and a lifehour-based accounting tool for better capitalism
for all nations, all states and all localities.

Nexus Table of Problem-Solving Per Nation, State and District(Your NtStDdd Code)
Nation State: (CAPS) District: Postal:
Account Revu/Change
     Dollar Democracy
Crowdfunding '2-fers'
Endow Public Service
n.a.Feedback (bugs/links)
Homestead a bonus
Interviews, Media
Jobs at Timism
n.a.Timism Theory
Nation Add
    Omnibus Bill
OneTime BBs
Opt-In 2018
Password Change/Lost
Plebiscites of Timism
    401ks: Biggest Bank Robbery
    529s: A Ponzi Scheme
    CO2 Killer Molecule
    Constitutional Amendment
    Personal Democracy
    Speed Of Light
    Tax Re-Timing
    Youth Wisdom Forum
PrePay Dollar Democracy
Public Safety
    Enforce The Law
Refinance 13
Sponsor K-12 School/System
Trade Lifehour Credits
     University Vote Status
     VoteTime Ballot Sample Generate

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US Lifehours Created: Credits: ... Warrants: (Earn Lifehours)

Richmond, Virginia
Future Options

Super Brainbee for Public Problem-Solver
(Super Brainbee for Private Problems(t.b.a.))
Active: Tell The Chief(postal) ... Youth Wisdom(nt) ... Personal Democracy(nt) ... citilegs ... ??

Index of Terms and Concepts

Seven Steps or less to fewer problems in your world  (Examples)
Select Relevant Levels to Your Interest and Concern--skip others. See examples below and Level Rights.
The Super Brainbee interfaces with the ballots created by Votetime for inexpensive, transparent eletion day voting.

Focus: Inform (Brainbees) Executive/Legislator ... Record Time/Cash ... Election Primaries

#1 Item (Issue/Individual) selection (details)

#2 National Units

State and Local Options (if needed)

#3 State 2-letter code:

#4 Type: FedUp FedLo StateUp StateLo
Authority County Municipality None

State Division Number: optional

#6 Email:
#7 Password:

Select secure payment:

Please report Super Brainbee problems--lifehour credits provided.


The Universal Problem-Solver has existed for a long-time. The first brainbee was proved out by the employees of AESOP in 1989 using Touch-tone phones.It was offered to Ross Perot when he ran for President 1992--see Dallas Morning News Ad.


1st National Citizen Legislation (170710)