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Sign Up for United States Account: Select Focus and Organization

Sign Up for United States Account:
Select a Focus Group and
State Location of Organization
to Receive Lifehour Credit

Bonus Lifehour Credits:
If your organization is not in the Focus Group listing (next page), select a 2nd choice as a step toward endowing your organization. Besides the one lifehour credit to your organization, the supporters passing the following milestones will receive a one-time lifehour bonuses, i.e., the total bonus will be allocated to the supporters who contributed to the signup milestones of 5000,2500,1000.
  • 1 National, 1st 2500 votes: 1,000,000 lifehour credits (200)
  • 50 State, 1st 1000 votes: 100,000 lifehour credits (40)
  • 435 Districts, 1st 500 votes: 10,000 lifehour credits (10)
The national winner could also be a state or district winner.

Focus Groups: Select One
Environment Organizations K_12 Public School Systems
Fire Department Non-Profits
Police Department University (default)
US Armed Forces (**) Veterans Administration

State where organization is located.
Can be your residency state or another state, e.g., for alma mater.
Residency state selected on next page.)

IP addr: