Timists: The Party of More Time

Million Lifehour Rewards
(about $26,500,000)

Given the importance of certain needs, Timism will award one million lifehours to following who meet the listed conditions:

  1. A law firm that sues Dominion Power to successfully stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline which will, if constructed and operated, cause an East Coast drought and firestorm akin to the Western Canada mega fires and the 2012 US megagires and droughts.

  2. To each of the two programming teams of who translate Brainbees and VoteTime from Microsofts Professional Development System (post-BASIC, pre-vBasic) onto the cloud with pdp and mysqli. Deadline is July 4, 2016. If not met, the reward is reduced by 50% and due by Labor Day, 12016. The bonus will be split between the team members.

A smaller bonus will be paid to a legal team (which based on successful recall of Richmond City Council members (www.RecallRVA.com) supporting the "Bus to Nowhere") successfully files an injunction to stop this massive ($50 million) waste with no comparable economic benefit. The bonus: 40,000 lifehours credits or $1,000,000.