Timists: The Party of More Time

Timists Self-Job Opportunities to Earn Lifehours

This is a temporary file with eventual links to scripts recording the activty. As is, expanding the base is more important. The most important thing you can do is sponsor others to sign up as supporters of Timism.

  1. Inform and sponsor friends
    1. to signup via voting for a university,
    2. to homestead an elected public office,
    3. to claim a Timist Party office,
    4. to collect ballot signatures,
    5. and vote for Timists, the Party of More Time
  2. Advertising:
    1. Buy a Timist bumper sticker.
    2. Posters
    3. Car flyers
    4. Business flyers: One lifehour per, max 25.
    5. Ad: TV/Radio/Newspaper
    6. Event Manager
  3. Donate and receive lifehour credits equal to donated amount.

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