Most lifehour purchases from supporting Timism reforms cost one lifeminute, that is, a 60:1 profit (pro esse). Purchase price is based on a nation's lifehour US dollar equivalence (1999 data[to be updated by Center for Timism]).

One-man, One-vote: How Timism pro-rates cost of voting but standardizes voting rewards.
Please note that one's purchase of an hour of lifeminutes is not based on the average national wage but on one's own wage hour. But the rewards are national. This is beneficial to democracy as it allows low-income citizens to have access to Timism votes and to Timism rewards: National Lifehours.

Many fail the admonishment From those to whom much is given, much is expected and needed for a better world. As is, the historical golden rule since the discovery of gold, those with the gold make the rules, haa too often

  1. empowered and privileged
  2. the over-powered and over-privileged
  3. to further de-power and de-privilege
  4. the powerless and the under-priviledged.

Res Pubers, aka, rich adults or republicans, are in a crusade to deny the power and privilege to vote to all people. Conveniently, like kings of old, rich pubes argue they should make the rules. Afterall, God annointed them by virtue of their being rich. They thus are deserving of being richer, e.g., Citizens United and SCOTUS, with more legal private laws ... privileges.

The benefits of democracy for all people for a stable economy without protests, riots, and crime cannot be with political despotism.

It is funny that those with the most to lose in an existential conflagation are the ones who keep throwing gasoline on the fires of economic injustices. They have locked themselves into a self-defeating, accelerating closed loop of lies including the big lie of 2020 election fraud.

Timism's pro-rating purchase of lifeminutes promotes a better life for all.