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The substantial, on-going profits from the Civility Brainbees will be distributed between two hierarchies of newspapers and universities with a profit-sharing similar to real estate fee distribution: 1 National (5%), 50 State(50%) & 435 Districts(43.5%) Mechanics to be announced at twitter.com:brainbees. Newspapers publishing Timism political tracts receive free rights to columnists brainbees as well as ad payments.

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Daily Time gaps unless italicized which is hourly.
Forward Brainbees
(Feedback, non-meeting)
RVA Recall Magic 7, 1 day*
Columnist, 2 hours*
Commission, 1 day
Committee, 1 day
Editor, 2 hours*
Feedback 24in4
Feedback Timism
JobTime, 1 day
Marketing, 1 day
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Police  *
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Brainbee originator Advertises the event including posting the created submission form on a website. Timism does no advertising other than possibly using Twitter to send newly created brainbees. Initially receives lifehour credit for creating brainbee
Email Member Email from Timism. Receives brainbee results and submission form URL
Final voting Two days before event date plus one day for each voting cycle/divisioning
Forward Brainbees ???
Identifier: Key word used in identifying table of submissions within the associated database Examples, school name, town, etc. (zip code appended to database name).
Lifehour Bonus Lifehour credits for winning a brainbee.
Member Email Person originating brainbee. Can be different than email of brainbee results.
Name Name of originator, individual or business
Password Member Password from Timism
Prioritizing Final Ranking With Civility Brainbees, the final 49 are ranked by percentage votes received. There is not final 7 voting which is the case with elections and repeat brainbees
Repeats Submissions are automatically forwarded to next brainbee cycle unless submitter does not vote in current cycle.
Submit By Date for final brainbee voting with originator receiving results. If Civility Brainbee, best one or two days before event
SubmitDay If repetitious brainbee, any or special weekday for submission.
Title Simple, short discriptor of event, article, or action
Vote Initiation Either deadline or max entry, which ever comes first
Vote cycle One day per division by seven. Begin at 12:00 noon
Vote cycle hours When a new vote cycle begins after the one started at the submission deadline. If one day, then 24 hours vote cycle. Two days is a 48-hour vote cycle
Webpage URL Web address of further information on brainbee
Winner Count Prioritize maximum of 49 or all submissions based on peer review.

Example Description
Columnist* Pay lower fee with noon submission and three-hour vote cycle. As to your first ballot, do you want at 1pm on publication date or subsequent. Latter is best for readers to peruse and ruminate.
Commission Should use a high number for greater review of audience/population.
Committee Seven member panel.
Editor* Get feedback on your daily editorial and OpEd pages. Encouraging readers competition will increase readership.
Education*: Citizen Meetings
Fee: Fees subject to change without notice. Listed fees will apply to any request when submitted.
Feedback: Feedback as a marking or quality control tool. Information on a product, goods or service.
JobTime: Applicants prioritize self and share skills and qualifications. One percent headhunter fee split between employer and applicant. Can be paid in lifehour credits.
Judicial Analogy: Better prep for presenter and participants for higher quality meetings. Like courtroom, reduce/eliminate blindsiding opposing party.
Marketing: Find opinions on new products, goods or service.
Police*: Citizen Meetings, Civility. (Different than Police Repeat, Petty Crime Prioritize.)
Politician*: Citizen Meetings, Civility. (Different than Police Repeat, Petty Crime Prioritize.)
School Board: Questions presented to school board for review and preparation before public meetings.
Seminar: Questions presented to originator for review and preparation. Q&A between originator and submitter until time is up.
Townhall: Questions presented to originator for review and preparation. Q&A between originator and submitter until time is up.