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Bumper Stickers

U.S. Sales only of the bumper stickers. But you can buy sticky stock
and print them off for homemade bumper stickers.

Click on Image for larger size ... Click on check box to order $2.50 each plus $3 s&h.

Decapitalism (TVad * YouTube Vid) ... Capitalism

Women 50/50 (TVad)

24-in 4 (TVad * YouTube VidA * Youtube VidB)

Retiming (TVad )

Habitual Politicians (TVad * YouTube Vid)

Global Dying  (TVad * YouTube Vid)

Rationale for Boycott (TVad) Boycott till it goes Green
Chocolatism (TVad)
Privatization/Deregulation (Youtube vid)
Sports (TVad)
Globalization (TVad)
WarMort (TVad)
Morrow: (Advertising)
Advertising: Look Now, Pay Later
October 15, 1958 wires and lights speech

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