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Please help me help you.


I have spent my adult life since college (50 years) trying to figure out how to ensure an insight became a public property rather than a private monopoly, that is, Timism: The Morality of More Time.

Timism is a great T.O.E. (Theory Of Everyting) for understanding and solving problems by quantifying everything in units of time. And, I am no dummy having graduated cum laude in just over two years from a university of 29,000 students (transcript). One period, I aced seven courses for 24 credits.

My main intellectual asset is being an asperger autist who enjoys thinking. While becoming a successful, forced extrovert (resume), I enjoy the solitude of digesting and marinating an idea without emotional and materialistic distractions. I am a minimalistic mentalist who lives like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap.

Your primary reason to crowdfund me is my research in climate change beginning in 1982  (forty years ago) when I predicted worsening droughts with downwind flooding. The two most important climate essays you can read today.

  1. Hydrophilia: The simple, molecular 'how' of droughts, fires and deluges
  2. Carbon Dioxide: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule

To solve a problem, one must define, prescribe, organize and motivate self and others. Is this not what Timism does with the following?

Visions without roadmaps are stop signs. Timism roadmaps extend 360 degrees over the horizons. Some of the shovel-ready roadways are:

Quite simply, there is no place where you can invest a few dollars and get Timism's multifarious rewards and returns . The simplest is the two-fer accounting of your donation. The complexer reward is my sharing many shovel-ready problem-solutions that will make your future better and safer.

In summary, on a sinking ship: Apathy is suicide ... Cheerleading play is homicided .... Teaching igknowance is genocide. Timism is your one-and-only lifeboat.

Please help. Please Donate. Please crowdfund the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.

You can donate more than once. Start small. Go big.


Bob Barnett

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