Overview and List: Grass Roots Democracy

Among the Tools of Timism are brainbees. Brainbees offer on-line paths to tap the intelligence of we the people to solve our problems. Two simple ones to understans sare Citizen Legislation and People's Primaries. Less simple are the Civility Brainbees to turn public meetings away from racucous uproars into productive idea exchange and to fine-tune seminarsto be more productive. With the formal launch of Timism, Grassroots Democracy will help organize hiearchies of problem-solvers from localites in all nations to global policy making processes.

How does Grassroot Democracy work?

  1. When one signs up, one selects one's nation, one's state, and a district (numeric or city).

  2. Besides one's member information, one will be put into one or district groups, e.g., Covid Vaccine Democracy.

  3. There may an associated 'brainbee" with the district group whereby one can enter one's name.

  4. When the associated brainbee has met its quota, e.g., 7, 49, 343, etc., a brainbee will be initiated to find a leader the group to represent the group at the next level.

  5. The winning leader will be put into regional brainbee which will close at 7 leaders with a new one created for the leaders from the district level. In this way the districts will all have "re-presentative" at the next.

  6. This process repeats creating a new level that will have 7 national brainbees from which a council of seven national leaders will organize a national effort to solve the associated problem.

  7. Each level will be given a lifehour grant for purchasing goods and services to solve the associated problems. Representatives, volunteers and staff will be paid from

  8. Interaction will be via Skype, Zoom, etc.

  9. Videos will be created to train and qualify volunteers to locally solve the problems.

  10. Lifehour account: 1,000,000 lifehours, disbursers and transfer