Timists: The Party of More Time

States Available for Timism Sign

States will be activated based on a university lending timism funds to create a state script for signing up. The loan will be repaid from cashflow when freesignups are replaced by applicants paying one hour of income (hourly wage or annual salary/2000). Universities will be allowed a two-day free signup limited to individuals with the university's domain name. Thus, the university will save its students, alumni and staff a "ton of money." In addition, applicants will have a two day monopoly on homesteading elective offices of the state as part of "None of the above, write-in Timists slate." Besides receiving, as the recruiter, one life hour credit for each applicant, the university on the General Election day of November, 2016, receiving a sum of lifehour credits equal to the total lifehours accumulated by accounts bearing the university's domain name.

An unclaimed state can be claimed by a university by the following steps:

  1. Pay an on-line claim stake of $500 via the below form.
  2. Send a cashier check for the balance to Timism. Include the name of the computer department contact who will travel to Richmond, VA, to learn and manage the various state-related Timism applications.
  3. The script will be uploaded within 24-hours of confirmation that the cashier check if valid.
  4. Forfeit downpayment if balance not received within 3 business days.
  5. Should email this "headsup" page to Students, Staff and Alumni to sign up when
  6. Signup first at ??


To signup as an individual, click on state link (if available).

To signup a public university, click on

Note: Timism's credit card processor limits Timism's monthly income. If your deposit is rejected because we have gone beyond our monthly income limit, please send cashier check. We are trying to get our limit increased as well as looking at another credit card processor.

Iowa and New Hampshire are banned from benefits of 24in4 because of their debasing democracy. 24in4 urges the ban of buying products and hiring graduates from these states until they announce a call for regional primaries to begin on Labor Day using Brainbees. As is, so called free speech and freedom of the press has generated negative time losses and negative candidates due to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sign up at as edu organization.

Coordinator resume

One signup then ...

Fee is one-tenth of a cent per state resident based on state populations.

Twenty-five percent to pay off outstanding debts, e.g., credit cards, programmer and #1 angel--my wife.

Loans are repaid by cashflow: