Where in the world can you invest a minute for better democracy
and receive a 60-minute lifehour credit?

Media Bonuses ... Plebiscites

Idea Lotteries

At One Million Votes, Seven Winners
of up to 10,000 lifehours

Based on a Timistic analysis of a problem, an idea is proposed with an ideal solution. Supporters of the the reform can vote support for it. Idea Lottery are prelude to public brainbees, e.g., Citizen Legislation, Peoples' Primaries, Civility Brainbees, etc.

The voter receives one lifehour credit for reading and supporting the idea. A Dollar for Democracy covers the administative costs. Your cash donation for Ideal Lotteries are converted into lifehour warrants. When one million votes have been recorded, seven supporters will be randomly chosen with the following lifehour rewards. (Some Ideal Lotteries have higher lifehour bonuses.)

When millions have billions in lifehour credits, we will have a new problem-solving cyber-currency
that will unite symbols with substance, wealth with worth and form with function.

Collected funds will be used to promote public awareness of the idea.