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Initial Lotteries Lifehour Claims
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Many ideas have a 100 lifehour bonus, i.e., over $ (US$) eventual market value before regressing.
Idea Media Activate Action
Accelerating, Synergistic Existential Meltdown
Vu It Media Primary Moral Imperative: Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell
Vu It Media Hydrophilia: The Molecular Smoking Gun of CO2 Droughts and Deluges
Vu It Media CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
Vu It Media California banned from Timism: Gasoholics and Petrophiacs
Brainbees: Better Democracy (Index)
Vu It Media Brainbees: Universal Problem-Solving (Overview)
Vu It Media Jabber Democracy: $1.6 million revenue per high school (Jab Team Apply)
Vu It Media Colored: Who is colored?
Vu It Media Chocolatism: Chocolate People
Vu It Media California Etymology
Vu It Media Don't be Dead Right
Ukrainians' Fight for Their Freedom and All People's Democracy
Millionaires Crowdfunding the Arrest of Vladimir Putin
Deport All Russians
Diaspora of Ukrainians
Global Warming Accelerating Due to Putan's War
Guns for Ukraine: 25,000 Sniper Rifles
Marshall Plan #2: 75% of Timism's Global Income
Nuclear Blackmail Demise
Samizdat: Conscripts want to go home
Sovreignty of Ukraine
Timism: The Morality of More Time
Vu It Media Rights and Freedom: The Morality of More Time
Milestones: Lifehour Marketability
Vu It Media
%United States
max hours
Lifehour uses (below links)
asapn.a.Food Purchase (link)
1% 3,321,831 40 Product Purchase (link)
2% 6,643,661 36 Trade Lifehours
3% 9,965,492 32 Pay Taxes,Healthcare,Rent
4% 13,287,323 28 Borrow lifehours
5% 16,609,154 24 PMI

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