Initial Lifehour Claims
for Supporters
of the Primary Moral Imperative
to save life on Planet Earth
from Climate Hell

Many options begin with a 100 lifehour bonus,
i.e., over $ (US$) eventual market value
before regressing.

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Immediate Things-to-do for Life and Lifehours in
Idea Media Activate Action
Accelerating, Synergistic Existential Meltdown
Vu It Media Primary Moral Imperative: Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell
Vu It Media Global Warming Test: Grow and Die, or, Slow to Live
Vu It Media Business Model: Direct Middle-Class Buying-Power Infusion
Do It Media Trade Lifehours
Climate Hell: Cancers, Criminals and Lemmings
Vu It Media Cost of Humanity to Mother Nature: Living vs Lying
Vu It Media The Trump Virus: 500,000 Americans Dead
Vu It Media Disaster Dummies
Vu It Media CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
The most important life-and-death essay you will ever read.
Vu It Media CO2: Real Cost of Anything
Vu It Media Careless Caring Causes Careworn Carers
Vu It Media Re-Time and De-Time Climate Cancers
Holocaust Train Engineers and Personnel
Lifehours: A Better, Needed Currency (Index)
Vu It Media Lifehours: Simple Overview
Vu It Media Currencies: Economic Blood (Federal Reserve  vs. Lifehours)
Vu It Media Dollar is Dead as Problem-Solving Tool
Vu It Media Food for Lifehours (Do It)
Do It Media Products for Lifehours PayPal
Vu It Media Mom-and-Pop Bonus (Sign Up)
Refi-13: Consolidate all debt into jumbo loan w/profit-sharing payback
Vu It Media 24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
Vu It Media
Milestones: Lifehour Marketability
max hours
Lifehour uses (below links)
asapn.a.Food Purchase (link)
1% 0 40 Product Purchase (link)
2% 0 36 Trade Lifehours
3% 0 32 Pay Taxes,Healthcare,Rent
4% 0 28 Borrow lifehours
5% 0 24 PMI
Vu It Media Electricity Denial: Don't incarcerate.
De-Electrify Social Media Liars, Hate Spreaders, spammers, out-of-staters
Vu It Media Vendors De-Electrified for not Accepting Lifehour Payments
? ? Universities Competition
Brainbees: Better Democracy (Index)
Vu It Media Brainbees: Universal Problem-Solving (Overview)
Vu It Media Super-Brainbee: Global Standardization of Policy-Making.
Vu It Media Touch-Tone Manager
Vu It Media Citizen Legislation
Civility Brainbees: Less chaos, More Shared Learning
Do It Media Peoples Primaries for
Do It Media Crowdfund for better democracy (brainbees) and capitalism (lifehours) Email
Do It - Domain name for (Timism.). 100 lifehours Remove, test elsewhere (a two-fer)
Media PayPal, a duty: Create Crowdfunding for all Nations email
Do It Media Vaccine Democracy file not found
Igknowance Tax: Bill of Self-Responsibility
Class Action Suits
Vu It Media Colored: Who is colored?
Vu It Media Chocolatism: Chocolate People
Vu It Media California Etymology
Vu It Media Don't be Dead Right
Timism: The Morality of More Time
Vu It Media Rights and Freedom: The Morality of More Time
Vu It Media Timists: The Party of, by, and for More Time
Manheaven Project: The Whole Plan
ABC ... 24in4 Preamble
Vu It Media Duck and Duckass of Innuendo: Persona Non Gratis
Bob Barnett: A Mental Sponge
Vu It Media Qualifications: Resume, Transcript, Achievements & References
Vu It Media Solar Shades: Cheap Passive Heaters

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