Dysemployment: Unemployment, Underemployment and Misemployment

Chronic and Acute Dysemployment

  1. In 1990, 50% of college graduates would never work in the field for which they invested four years and college loans. The rates are worse today.
  2. In 2015, 90% of college graduates depended on parents for partial or total living expenses.
  3. Consistently, the common denominator in the middle-class opiate crisis is unemployment in cities and counties.
  4. In 2020, the Trump Pandemic caused a massive spike in unemployment claims--over 3 million in one week. (In late April, 2020, some economists were predicting 30%--5% more than the unemployment peak of the 1930s Great Depression.)

The only viable solution short of stark starvation in the homestead and of bloody revolution in the homeland is to cut the workweek to an optimal length for the real-time economy, not some historic period of time: 24in4--Share Job Time or Jobless Crime. Economic solutions suffer from Job Idiots.

Why should some people have steaks and Mercedes
while other have neither beans nor bus fare?

As is shown throughout the world, it is not enough to give a man a fish or teach him to fish if you deny him access to the fishhole. The various civil strife in over 30 nations (2020), beginning with the 2010 Arab Spring, can be tied to a mass of education, unemployed citizens. Behind crime and terrorism is dysemployment.

(Likewise with self-esteem: Teach self-esteem and you affirm a person for a day.
If you teach and allow the work ethic, you affirm a person for a life-time.)

I support determination of an optimal workweek for each economic unit b
ased on the basics of that nation, state, city/country,
and invididual.