Job Idiots: Job Demagogues, Job Hoggers, and Job Myops

More important than the deaths and dysemployment from the Trump Virus is the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell. The real tragedy of the Trump Pandemic war is how the focus on the larger, more important PMI war has been pushed off the front page and forgotten. Of course, as is true in refugee camps around the world (70,000,000 people), almost everyone is worried about the next paycheck, meal or water.

The Trump Pandemic, the Republican Great Depression (#2) and the PMI need to observe the following:

There are three classes of job idiots who will not act to save life to save life on Planet Earth.

  1. Job Demagogues: They talk about the need to grow the economy by adding more jobs. Each additional job--like each new mouth to feed--increases the generation of more carbon dioxide thereby speeding up Climate Hell with the ever-increasing economic causes of climate catastrophes (fire, heat, floods, hurricanes and tornados).
  2. Job Hoggers: People who work beyond the optimal workweek for a given economic body are foolish denying the dysemployed the opportunities to self-feed, self-clothe and self-house. Who pays to fed, clothe and house the dysemployed? The job hoggers. When one works beyond the optimal workweek, one is working for others who are not working. Job hoggers are idiots.
  3. Job Myops: Financially, it is cheaper for a businessman to pay over-time (1.5) than to hire a new employee (1.75) [from literature long-ago]. This is being financially myopic, looking at the short-term and igknowing the long-term.

Everytime I read or hear that activists want more money for affordable housing for the poor, I think about the job idiots who work hours to pay taxes to support the disemployed. Fools!  Both activists and jobhogs. As time is money and money is time, it is true that fools and their time are soon parted.

Timism's Super-Brainbee provides a way to determine the optimal workweek length and a timeclock system to determine violators of the optimal workweek. The punishment will be the loss of electricity to one's home and business for a period of time depending on the extent of violating the PMI.

I support punishing job idiots (the root of dysemployment) with the Timism Penalties:
De-electrification and minimum wage.