National Universal Service Act, aka,
New United States of America

The present system, 2020, is working less and less to solve the problems of America. Tweaking is not the answer not is revolution and collapse. The solution is a logical, methodical plan based on analyses of key cornerstones of a successful, renaissance of the United States of America. A series of writings based on better democracy, capitalism and economics were formulated years ago (1979-82). They have as a united string or theme, Timism--The Morality of More Time.

They analyze civilization around the fact the government is our time-manager in laws, regulations, taxes, etc.

Step 1: Principles of
49 pages, 4.9 lifehours

Step 2: Election
40  pages, 4.0 lifehours

Step 3: Taxation
97 pages, 9.7 lifehours

Step 4: Employment
& Education Reform
64 pages, 6.4 lifehours

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I think we need to re-think and re-brand our existence based on the Morality of More Time--Timism.