Vaccine: Distribution Overview ... Researchers Competition ... Dr. Fauci Certification

Vaccine Order Form (tentative 200518)
When a vaccine is certified by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the research creator of the vaccine will indicate the daily doses available. Timism will use GMT FIFO to email supporters of better democracy and capitalism the following form. The entered information will be sent to the vaccine producer for mailing the vaccine. The vaccine will be insulin shots and other self-injections unless limitations requires distribution through elementary democracy at a high school.

Via PayPal, direct or credit card payment, you will pay the fee. In addition, one lifehour will be transferred to the successful vaccine researcher.

Dear Timist:

To receive your virus vaccine, please send the following. Any missing information needs to be completed at your account page. One of your lifehours will be transfered to the vaccine creators account.

Good luck and good health,

Bob Barnett

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Postal Code
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