Cost of Humanity to Mother Nature: Living or Lying?

Increasing percentages of humans recognize that our lifestyles are damaging and destroying the environment, i.e., Mother Nature. And, Mother Nature is not taking it sitting down as witnessed by the worserning wealther events. In the essay--CO2: The Global, Multitasking Killer Molecule--the negative impact of rising CO2 is present in all levels of existence, from physics to religion.

The generation of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels can be divided into two groups:

  1. needs for living, and,
  2. wants from lying.

The latter is how we humans too often lie to ourselves to acquire CO2-causing items, e.g., the Climate Cancer of Christmas where unneeded gifts were given and 110 million living, CO2-sequestering pine trees were cut down to be pretty Christmas trees for a few days (85 million in Europe and 25 million in US).

Rising CO2 levels are destroying our future because we will not sacrifice today to avoid suffering tomorrow. This igknowance of Mother Nature's law is readily seen in "No-maskers" and "Anti-vaxxers." And, they pay for their gut-reactions, going from one emotional bowel movement to another non sequitur.

The refugee camps of 3rd World nations--swelling by double digits each year have already come to 1st World Nations: homelessness and food insecurity. We must stop lying to ourselves, confusing wants for needs.

If we don't initiate "scorch earth" policies to save life on Planet Earth (the Primary Moral Imperative), we will have no viable means to survive, e.g., the ticking Polar Timebomb with will cause a non-ending, crop-destroying heatwave in the Northern Hemisphere. Another avenue of Mother Nature's revenge for our CO2 sins against her are worsening summer storms--see Hurricanes for Dummies.

Who will tie the bell on the old cat's tail? Relying on habitual politicians is like asking pedophiles to be in charge of adolescent nurseries. Salvation lies not in the Halls of Congress nor the CO2-sinning churches but in better democracy which Timism provides via brainbees.

"No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent," so said Abraham Lincoln. Via monthly "de-time/re-time" brainbees, we can either eliminate or reduce CO2-sinning by tapping the intelligence and consent of we the people. With better democracy, we will prove-out that "When politicians make good policy the polity in the polis will be polite without police."

To reverse our declining standard of living we must raise our standard of lying, that is, how we lie to ourselves that are wants are more important than our needs.

Cost of Humnity to Mother Nature
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