Yes, Black Lives Matter, but Mother Nature Matters More.

Peaceful Protests: Yes
Violent Protests: No

A person may have a reason to be angry, but no one has a right to be angry because only wrongs result from anger.

Violent protestors delude themselves into thinking firebombing, rioting and looting will bring positive change. History shows that the powers-to-be will increase greater reactionary violence in the name of public safety, e.g., law-and-order misleaders. Gandhi and King had the successful methods--organization and boycotts.

Violent Protests: Stop them or they will stop us and U.S.

  1. Violence violates the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
    1. Starting fire generates unnecessary C02
    2. Re-construction requires unnecessary CO2
  2. Mother Nature's Suggested Response
    1. Arrests with 30-day de-electrification of home for anyone in violent protest including gawkers, flash mobbers, rubber-neckers, etc. Peaceful demonstrators co-enable, body-shield and protect violent protesters.
    2. As is, violent protestors have a sense of immunity, "What's the cops going to do? Fire rubber bullets and tear gas? No big deal. Tear gas is only slightly worse than salty sweat dripping on one's eyes. [I know from boot-camp training.] Public servants are eunuchs when it comes to stopping me. I have the upper hand as a result of a something-for-nothing public. Billions for public safety only protects the public safety eunuchs."
    3. For the sake of the PMI, Mother Nature encourages and condones the killing of arsonists (climate criminals) who generate unneeded CO2.
    4. Mother Nature does not care about any discrimination except those who discriminate against her for which she has the ultimate punishment for one-and-all, that is, Climate Hell on Earth.
  3. The governors and mayors knew a second wave of the Trujmp virus was inevitable. The greatly worse second wave as a result of the massives crowds while security forces twiddled their thumbs should be called the Governors Second Wave. The political correct action of letting crowds riot has Mother Nature saying, "You will sleep in the bed you have made with more Trump infections and accelerating climate hell."
  4. As a result of protesting in close-packed, shouting crowds, many protesters will wish they had practiced safe breathing (like safe sex) or had not protested as they become sick from contracting the Trump virus.

Igknowance of the law is no excuse.
Igknowance of Mother Nature's Laws is no escape.

Timism--The Morality of More Time is the answer with the following.

  1. Better democracy via brainbees: The Super-highway to government of, by, and for the people.
  2. Better capitalism via lifehours: Stop the Wall Street decapitalistic theft of workers' saving via funny numbers on funny paper. (Capitalism is a victim of identity theft).
  3. Better employment via 24in4: Either we share job time or jobless crime.
  4. Timism observes the Calculus of reality based on the math of Mother Nature.
  5. Parental Pride: The Tools of Timism will do more for equality and justice than all the protests in the world.

If the police and military are not willing to act for the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell, why are billions of dollars spent on their new toys? Yes, Black Lives Matter, but Mother Nature Matters More in case you have not noticed climate change. [Congrats to the Minneapolis mayor's psycho-babble for mixing apples and oranges to fuel the fires of anger.]

As a matter of the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell:

  1. We have the right to peacefully protest, to organize and to boycott.
  2. We may have reasons to be angry, but we have no right to act out our anger to harm life on earth.
  3. I support 30-day de-electrification for any person arrested in a violent protest.
  4. I support snipers placed in police lines to video-tape and kill protesters throwing bombs, bottles, rocks, etc. Collateral injuries and deaths will not be of innocent by-standers inasmuch as any person that accompanies a person with a tool of violence is a co-enabler.