Stopping Climate Hell:

Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger

With four decades of climate change research, tens of thousands of documents and collection of needed reforms (Manheaven Project), the reader should take serious the claim that soft landing reforms and a door-slamming action are needed to stop climate hell.

As is, what needs to be done will not be done. As is, humanity is suffering an accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown. As the problems worsen, the problem-solvers are fewer. Yes, I know, we have more college graduates than ever before, but are they problem-solving diplomas? The U.S. "college experience" is not about learning to liberate us from our problems but to enslave us to our distracting problem-causing wants, e.g., recreational drugs without creation let alone re-creation of problem solutions.

Only better democracy can possibly save life on earth. The political power is opting for the opposite: despotism, dictatorship and autocracy. The political arsonists will be consumed in the conflagation of civilization devolving from their actions.


  1. No action: Death of Life on Earth.

  2. Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger: Cut our losses.

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