Milestones: Lifehour Benefits

When millions have billions in lifehours we will have a new functional currency.

Great ideas for social, economic and political reform are useless without a critical mass of supporters.
Timism offers carrots and sticks to supporters.

Carrot: Supporter Milestones and Lifehours

  1. Any entity that fails to have a Timism account and fails to accept lifehours as partial payment (50%) will have their electricity turned off for a time length equal to the failure to accept lifehour payments--see De-Electricity Penalty.
  2. Any business or individual that does not observe the reduction in the workweek, directly or indirectly, will be de-electrified at work and home.
  3. Borrow with profit-sharing payback: Anyone who is volunteering 8-hours a week in a Timism community service will be able to borrow lifehours with profit-sharing payback. However, one's volunteering effort doubles with payment in lifehours to reduce the lifehour obligation.

Stick: Any supporter in first 1,000,000 accounts who does not sponsor ten (10) accounts  within ten days will have their account deleted except for the email address which will be added to the Timism deadzone. At one million accounts, this reduces to five accounts in five days. At two million accounts, it is two accounts in two days. Thereafter, no sponsor requirement.

Caveat: If you sign up yourself via alternative personal email addresses, when found you will lose your accounts as well as be put in the Timism deadzone--no Timism benefits ever.

When millions have billions in lifehours we will have a new functional cyber-currency.
When you owe $1000 to the bank, the bank owns you.
When you owe $1,000,000 to a bank, you own the bank.
(An example: In one of his many bankruptcy, the stable genius, financial guru Donald Trump [now White House occupant] told a bankruptcy judge that he would help unravel the triple-digit million dollar bankruptcy if the court paid Trump $500,000 a month. The court signed on the dotted line.)

I support creation of lifehours--the new, problem-solving functional cyber-currency.

Milestones: Lifehour Benefits
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