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Simple Overview and Rationale of Lifehours

When a currency is not kept current in worktime value, then someone is being cheated of the sweat of their labor. This cheating is indexed by inflation of the funny numbers on funny papers. Inflation cheapens the time of the worker. For instance if you save 100 hours of wages in currency which suffers 50% inflation, you are cheated out of 50 hours of your worktime. Your currency was not kept current in worktime value.

Timism's cyber-currency, the Lifehour, is a path to re-uniting the symbols of our time with the substance of our time. Habitual politicians, tenured necronomists and Wall Street decapitalists have divorced symbols from substance (book). 401k's are the biggest bank robbery in history whereby the middle-class lost 90% of their retirement since 1980. Today's retirees may have more dollars but they don't have more buying power which is why many keep working longer than their grandparents who had lower incomes.

As is, most currency systems are easily manipulated because they are based on speculation rather than substance. The most egregious examples are cyber-currencies, e.g., bitcoin which blasts off like a rocket only to crash like a lead balloon.

The key to an objectively valued currency is found in the origin of the word: What is your time currently worth? Whose time is worth more, independent of funny numbers on funny paper:

  1. An average person who only has to work 2 hour a day to have the necessites of life, or,

  2. the average person who has to work 16 hours for food, shelter and clothing?

Would you rather be the first person might be paid only one dollar per hour or the latter who might be paid millions of dollars per hour. (The latter has happened repeatedly and currently, e.g., 1920s Germany and 1990s Zimbabwe.) Which is a richer economy that will have the stress leading to political chaos and collapse? As was written, "Nothing prepared the German people for the extremes of Hitler as inflation did."

The key to fair, objective system is calculating the average daily number of hours needed for the necessities of life and dividing that average figure into the fixed number of hours in a day: 24. The above first person would have a lifehour value of 12 while the second person would have a lifehour value of 1.5. This Calculation of Reality based on the Math of Mother Nature is the key to creating stable economies. It is a essential to fulfilling the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.

In order to catalyze the creation of a better economics, Timism has developed several apps.The Idea Lotteries are loss leaders to achieve "when millions have billions in lifehours then we will have a better currency."

I support the creation of a better currency based time, not speculation.

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