Duck and Duckass of Innuendo:

Ostracise and Declare persona non grata

The common definition of advertising is getting people to buy things they don't need with money they don't have. This is what Harry and Markle are trying to push with their "brand." They want us to need them by trading on a brand--the Royal brand--which they neither created nor have respected.

They are hypocrites. Decrying climate change, but they fly on private jets. They want their cake and eat it too. Harry is said to miss his military honorary positions: Can a dishonorable person deserve an honorary?

As I am a person who clearly believes in democracy, I am not a supporter of absolute monarchy. But I am supporter of a constitutional monarchy in which the crown can be the consciousness of a nation. In particular, I am a fan of Queen Elizabeth. She has served her nation well as its conscious. She has acted behind the scenes for good government. She has acted publically to benefit the United Kingdom. Neither her father (King George VI) nor she asked for the responsibilities inherent in being a constitutional monarch. But, she has done a dandy job for which she deserves better treatment than how she was treated by her grandson and his she-wolf wife.

Queen Elizabeth adheres to the Biblical dictum that from those to whom much is given, much is expected. The Suckests do not want something-for-nothing  ... but everything-for-nothing, e.g., military honorary titles. Moral perverts take false pride in quickly destroying what takes years of hard work to create. It is easier to trip a runner than it is to run the winning race.

The HAMs, Harry And Markle, had not the guts to tell the Queen face-to-face of their duplicitous actions. They de-friended the Queen with an email to Buckingham Palace. How cheap and tawdry. To insult a good queen is bad, but not as bad as insulting one's grandmother--whether a commoner or a royal. And, the Queen went out of her way to make sure Markle and her mother were welcomed. The Queen--a class act. Too bad good manners are not genetic.

Do we want Harry and Markle to be promoted as role models for young, putty minds? Some media gatekeepers and Hollywood celebrities act so.

Markle claims mistreatment by other royals. However, it seems she has been the house-maid who made the bed she deplores sleeping in. This royal watcher went from admiration to disgust. Her scrubbed-clean pretty face belies an anti-thetical personality like Donald Trump's sprayed-on tan hiding a vacuum. America should not co-enable her. She is giving American women a bad rep on the world stage of gentility and decency.

Harry has incidences that indicate behind the ruddy red beard is a self-center narcissist who is insensitive to share values, e.g., Las Vegas nude video and Nazi uniform. Are his "indiscretions of youth" symptomatic of a personality virus? America does not need him being a climate cancer prompting people to waste time and money.

As a teenager, Queen Elizabeth put on the work clothes of a trained truck mechanic to be part of the war effort to defeat the Nazis. Harry's chosen attire was an affront to the millions who died fighting fascism.

(An example of beauty, brains and personality)

Prince Charles: It is said Harry's father is annually spending millions for the spoiled kids' security. Shame on you, Prince Charles, for funding a spectacle that is underminding (present and future) the value of the British monarchy to the stability of England.

Have you no shame? Wrapping himself in his mother's life is another ripoff by this petty grifter.

Oprah: As noted, Oprah showed up at the kids' wedding unannounced with no known connection with either of the kids--had to take a bus!. And, then, the February, 2021, interview which calls into question why she used her brand to help a bad brand. Watching the Oprah interview, I nearly puked listening to this psyhobabble soap opera. At that  point, I switched to soap opera re-runs.

Was Meghan acting? I know I never heard of her prior to Harry compared to numerous females in repeat staring roles. She won't be able to complain about a declining career as she ages ... but she probably will.

So, much for Timism and Oprah working together to help the under-privileged and disadvantaged when she clearly prefers to hobnob with the over-privileged and over-advantaged. Oprah has forgotten her roots. An actress, she is not a journalist as she allowed the duo to do the Trump broad-brush assassination of character by innuendo. Nod, nod ... wink,wink. Harry knows that the Senior Royals are too worldly and diplomatically to volunteer that the offspring of a white dude and passable-white chick (Archie) might be colored. Harry is pre-mature Senile Royal.

(Oprah: Pst! There is a global pandemic since you seem to have not noticed.)

In a world suffering an accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown where problems are escalating and problem-solvers dwindling, the relevant question must be asked, "What problems have Duke and Duchess of Sleaze solved to warrant prime time exhibition?" A poster example of masscom distracting rather than educating. Would they have screen time for any reason other than the vaginal barrel that popped Harry into this world? And, as an over-the-hill grade-B actress, I would never have known of her except for Mexit.

Concerning Harry's lineage:

  1. Considering Princess Diane's claim that there were 3 people in her marriage, and,
  2. given there are no redheads in photos of Queen Victoria's (1818-1901) descendents (1238 alive today),

it is fair to ask if there were 4 people in the marriage. A DNA test would ascertain whether Harry is truly a British prince, not even a FitzRoy. (Harry: Watch out for drinking from glasses in restaurants, the standard way to obtain a person's DNA without their consent.)

Paternal brothers?

(I was born in dismal, depraved poverty and forced to learn the work ethic by shining shoes 40-50 hours a week from age 8 to 14.  Often, I was the brightest coin in the piggy bank. I was disparaged and demeaned by spoiled maggots living off their ancesters, brats who lack true awareness and appreciation of what creates a better future. I deplore and abhor this media tart who obviously wears the pants in this paddling.)

Please claim a lifehour credit if you agree with the following.

  1. Harry Windsor should be declared persona non-grata and banned from the U.S.A.
  2. Boycott Harry/Markle events and employers.
  3. Ostracized both wherever they mooch.
  4. Mediacs and mediots who make media darlings of these two should be barred from the individual benefits of Timism (account deletion) and especially the media lifehour bonuses.