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Levels of Existence per Timism Model

Time is the thread in the fabric of life ... the gravity of existence.

Everything (event=entity) can be quantified in two variable:

Timism is a heuristic tool for quality controlling descriptions from a new perspective. Timism is the master jigsaw pattern from which all levels of existence are cut and dependent.

The below, simplified listing has deep, diverse and laborious research tenacles that not only spread horizontally but vertically into other levels of existence. The last check of documentation from academia, media and government was over 30,000 collected and digitized since 1979.

Levels of Existence


Religions thrive or dive based on the more time or less time of the religions' adherents. The Biblical Ten Commandments boil down to one statement: Thou shall not waste time. Love is not black nor white. The quality of love is quantified in the time given to the beloved. Meaningfulness


Do policies solve or cause time-wasting problems? To know the real DeepThroat, follow the participants' time, not the money.


What is the current time value of a person, family, community, and nation? Productivity is creation per clock time unit. Profit is pro esse, forward existence or more time. Inflation is cheapening of the person's time holding the symbols of time. A good currency is held constant in worktime value over the time of years and careers, e.g., Lifehours.


Each thought has a time value on one's existence and one's environment, a continuum from positive to negative time. iCube The quality of friendship and love is the quantity of time devoted to the relationship. Time is the magnet of lasting love.


Creation or Cancer ... living or dying


E=MCC2=hf, refuting dark matter and dark energy and explaining the Yang-Mills Paradox. Dehumanized, time is the gravity of existence. Hydrophilia: CO2's simple process behind droughts, fires and floods. De-humanized, time is the gravity of existence.

Living beyond your means, lessens your means: UB meaningless.
Living below your means, creates more means: UB meaningful.
Meaning of life: Be a Timeful Creator not a Timeless Cancer.

Meaningless menials become meanies.

To be happy with more means, time, freedom and friends,
live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap.

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