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The Time Behind Timism: Basis of Rights, Freedoms, Free Will, Inflation and Profit/Proud

  1. Timism, The Morality of More Time, provides a metric for qualifying and comparing the value of actions. This metric is a continuum from positive to negative based on the time created or "cancerized" by the event/entity. Everything has a clockstart and clockend depending on one's focus. Everything has a positive or negative impact on its world either creating more time or cancerizing less time. An entity's time impact is a continuum from stable to unstable.Two defining time variables: Clocktime and Impact on time/stability of environment.
  2. Cancers: A cancer is a process that consumes more than it produces. All consumption and production can be assigned time values base on impact. A cancer consumes the existence (time) of the system upon which it depends--destroying all involved.
  3. Farmers: A farmer is creative while a horse thief is a cancer. Farmers can be rated in the time they create for the survival of the populace. In Ancient Greece, eligibility for public office was based on how many people your farm could feed for year. Top office  candidacy required harvesting enough to feed 250 people. Japan's earliest currency system was base on five baskets of rice, the amount needed to feed one person for a year. In effect, and simplied, the current value of a farmer is how many lives he can feed with his farming. Likewise, early Israeli currency was based on the two days of labor.

    [I apologize for this choppy summary of Timism. All topics are essayed extensively elsewhere. Proposed reforms are based on the morality of more time.]

  4. Survival of fittest: Darwin's expression would be more encompassing if he said, "Survival of the most time creative." This applies to individual, families, economies and nations. This is true of religions that preach eternal life but find themselves with more and more abandoned churches because the message has lost its time value to everyday people.
  5. Ten Commandments: All can be reduced to "Thou shall create rather than cancerize time", that is, the morality of more time. And, traditional white christian religions are dying because they are cancerous to human well-being as evident in the numerous empty, decaying churches around the world.
  6. Love: The quality of love can be quantified by the time given by the lover to the beloved. Unspoken love backed up by hours of helping the beloved find freedom from life's problems is more creative than a loud mouth proclaiming love without any helpful act.
  7. Friend: The above description of love applies to "friend." On social media, you can have millions of friends. In real life, because a friendship requires on-going time quid pro quo, one can have six friends at most. One can be friendly with many acquaintances as a matter of good manners, but when everyone is your friend you have no friends.
  8. Freedom: Interestingly, both friend and love comes from Old English for a "freeing person", freond and freon. A person who helped you find freedom from your time-wasting problems you would call a freeing person. You would be willing ready to return the favor in giving up time to help your friend. Probably the only person who gives time without expecting a return is your grandmother.
  9. Free Speech: Only speech which solves or prevents time-wasting problems is a true freedom. Do you want to live in a world where people's so-called free speech is destroying our time-saving public institutions (democracy) and is threatenting our public officials trying to solve our problems. Thanks to Donald Trump we live in this world were many want another Civil War.
  10. Rights: ibid. Do you want to live in a world in which rights and freedoms are "anything goes" or a world where they are quantified and qualified by the time the create or destroy?
  11. Hate speech: From what time-wasting problem does hate speech free us? Hate speech is no free speech. It introduces new time-wasting problems. Many haters feel angry about some real or imagined time-loss event affecting them. Regardless, one may have a reason to be angry, but one never has a right to be angry for nothing is made right by anger and hate.
  12. Cancer Speech: Hate speech is readily recognized as cancerous for its negative impact on human relations. It is an example of cancer speech. Less obvious is the time destruction from pied-piper "celebrities" encouraging people to gamble and play. All speech is either part of problem or part of solution.
  13. Follow the money: Deepthroat famously said, "Follow the money." Better yet, and keeping in mind that time is money and money is time (B.Franklin), follow the time dynamics. Political figures with big money care about their time more than money. Read my lips, Mark Felts was not Deepthroat.
  14. Free Will: One's free will reflects one's ability to find freedom from time-wasting problems. Free will is a continuum from jack-of-all trades to clueless nincompoops. Many people claim a moron and a doctor have the same free will. But, if needing surgery, which free will would you choose? The moron's free will, or, the doctor's free will. One's free will is qualified, like rights and freedom, by the quantity of problems from which one can will freedom.
  15. Free Will Education: The prior point coorelates free will with education. The more education, the greater the quality of the free will in the one's ability to will freedom from problems. Unfortunately, after Trump took office, we have seen an increase in the public decisions based on one-book librairies. The US Supreme Court anti-abortion decision, 2022, was based on the Bible, not millions of other books. This should be expected of a Court where six members are Roman Catholic like President Biden. We have a Vatican Supreme Court of the United States controlled by papists.
  16. Book Burners: It is easier to know nothing than to learn something. Bookburners claim gut-reactions trump book knowledge.
  17. Inflation: If you save 100 hours of worktime wages into a retirement account only to find the buying power of your savings is 50 wage hours, you 50% of your worktime was stolen or cheapened. A 10% annual inflation rate means your time is worth 10% less. Government policies by habitual politicians buy their re-election by over-paying their contributors which, in a zero-sum world, more under-priviledged citizens.
  18. Unemployment: The Federal Reserve fights inflation by raising interest rates that evenually causes unemployment. Consider this: Is not unemployement the worst form of inflation? The value of your worktime has been reduced to zero! Like the time savings of technological advances, if inflation is 10%, reduce the workweek no suffers 100% inflation. Either we share job time or jobless crime. Reducing the workweek will reduce inflation as less money is means less money-driven inflation. [Damn monetarist for living the maxim that economists know the price of everything but the price of nothing. They are like the weatherheads who describe and predict climage change but cannot explain it as does "Hydrophilia: The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges."
  19. Federal Reserve: As a thinker who believes in productive deflation (that is, profit-sharing capitalism per capita instead of privatizing capital for a fewer few), the Fed's stated goal of a 2% inflation rate is like a doctor saying he is ok with a patient bleeding out at 2% of blood volume. Currency is the blood of an economic body. Too little currency is low blood pressure that leads to low economic activity. Too much money is the high blood pressure of runaway inflation. Monetarist are bloody fools!
  20. Profits: All profits boil down to a quantification of time created as symbolized in the excess goods and services which are units of time. As noted previously, a bushel of corn or rice represents time for the living to keep living. If a time-wasting problem consumes two-hours of time and is solved in one hour then an hour of time has been saved or created. In the overall economy, the Federal Reserve is supposed to quantify and match this created time with federal reserve notes.
  21. Profit-takers: Economies and governments die when the created time is unfairly divided between the problem-sufferers and problem-solvers. If the sufferers do not allow the solvers to have some of the time, the solvers stop solving time-wasting problems. If the solvers over-charge then the sufferers will live with the problem, that is, profit-taking. In either case, we live in a world with more problems.
  22. Profit-sharing: Optimal use of profits can be seen it its Latin roots: pro esse or forward existence. Only when profits are shared equally between sufferers and solvers is there true profit-sharing. And the world benefits from both parties wanting to solve more time-wasting problems.
  23. Quality of money: Like yelling fire in a crowded theater, the quality of money depends on how it is used. For the theater, is there a fire? For money, a simple analogy shows how money is good or bad: What does a father do with his Friday paycheck? Buy groceries or alchohol? Habitual politicians pass laws encouraging bad money, e.g., gambling, 401s, 529s.
  24. Cost of living: The cost of living is not funny numbers on funny paper but the time you have to work to have that funny paper. One's cost of living reflects the overall two-part cost of humanity to Mother Nature in the CO2 we generate.
    1. Cost of living: Time spent to buy the necessities to live.
    2. Cost of lying: Time spent to buy things unneeded to live.
      One can lower their cost of living by no longer lying to oneself about the importance of unneeded things. People work to pay for things they "needed" that now fill basements, attics, sheds and garages as well as big, empty houses. Kitchens are remodeled with owners having no time to cook because they have to work two jobs to pay renovation costs. Often, people work jobs they hate to pay for things they no longer want, e.g., boat in the drive-way.
    3. To be happy with more time, freedom and friends, live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap. Live simple so others can live. [Gandhi]
  25. Productivity is a measure of created time to clocktime units. Remember, every action (goods and services) has a time value, positive or negative. Today, the average farmer is more productive as the average gunmaker is more cancerous. Likewise, with social media and unlimited tv channels, the demagogue sprewing time-destroying hate speech is more cancerous in less clocktime. The economic principle of velocity of circulation applies to good and bad. As Thoreau said, to wit, "Of course we are busy, but to what are we busy?"
  26. Governments are time-managers: By laws and regulations, governments guide people's use of their time to create or cancerize life. Over-privileging one group metastasizes an angry underprivileged group. When politicians legislate good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
  27. Abortion: An unwanted fetus not only mimics the cancer's biological characteristics (rapidly growing mass dependent on another body) but after birth it also fulfills this characteristic. All cancers destroy the production system on which they depend. The Thomas Alitto fetus will suck life out of every day life becoming, at a higher rate than normal, criminal robbing, maiming and killing.
  28. Replacement Conspiracy? No, Self-Displacement Reality. White nationalists playing weekend warriors for a civil war are self-displacing themselves from the opportunities that others have who study and work on the weekends.
    • Why is it that almost all of the National Spelling Bee champions are Asian? Has there been a conspiracy to exclude whites? No, non-whites study harder than the average white student.  
    • Why are colorful Latino business springing up in every city? Drive around borderline neighborhoods on the weekends and you will people of color busting their buns to repair and sell houses. No one is stopping the white nationalists from doing this, but they want to practice for a war game that will never be.
    • White nationalists are like the white slaves  in colonial times when a black slave from Africa sold for up to seven times more than white slaves from England who did not want to work.
    • They may call themselves Christians but would Christ avoid this rebirth of a nation?
    • Exercising their hateful free will is self-destructive, cancerous and suicidal. A symbiotic synergism ties the fate of white christian churches with white religious extremists.

The Time Behind Timism: Basis of Rights, Freedoms, Free Will, Inflation and Profit/Proud
If you understand how "time-processing" mirrors each level of existence, from the bottom to the top, you will appreciate Timism's claim of Periodic Table of Existence, aka, the Theory Of Everything (TOE). In its general value, as a heurisic tool, Timism lets the searcher know when he has gone down the wrong path of research. The listed topics were selected for their impact on the social, economic and political fabric of our world. Unlisted are the insights at the bottom beginning with "The linear speed of light is dependent on the rotational speed and the precession angle of the basic particle of existence." One conclusion is that gravity is a push rather than a pull. Another is E=MC2=hf .

Feel free to think, "No one can be that smart" and miss the train. And, if you feel insulted, it is justified if you a member of the majority metastasizing the malignant materialism killing life on earth.

The Time Behind Timism
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