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Pledge to fund start-up of Center for Timism
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Deadline for Ukraine to claim
Global Democracy Tax:
March 15, 2023

Time Left:

Ukrainians needed:1,000,000
Ukrainians signed up:6
President Zelensky request
Iceland: Backup Center of Timism
Signup for free, claim 100 lifehours

Pledge to fund start-up of Center for Timism

From fifty years of seeking ways to profit others and self from Timism insights and tools, the primary achievement is the brainbee. Brainbees catalyze a leap in the quality and quantity of human decision-making which can be described in many ways. Brainbees will do to public and private policy-making what computers in the 1990s did to logistics, bookkeeping and accounting.

Unfortunately, in his eighth decade on Planet Earth, the Timism originator is burning out at a faster rate with the need growing daily for an organization to shephard and mature the Tools of Timism including lifehours in addition to brainbees (visit Global Democracy Tax).

More unfortunately, Mother Nature is rewarding our CO2 sinning against her by burning us out of food, home and job at an ever faster rate, i.e., the accelerating, synergistic existential meltdown.

Brainbees will be activated after $5,000,000 in five one-million dollar certified checks are delivered to the Ukraine Embassy in Washington, DC. The checks are to made out to Timism, Inc. c/o Ukraine U.S. Ambassador. When the five checks are received, they will be transferred to an international accounting firm for the initial operating costs of the Center For Timism. The originator of Timism will receive one of the checks for repayment of debts incurred in decades of developing Timism.

Lenders will be repaid per the Global Democracy Tax disbursement schedule.

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$1000 commitment to pledge $1,000,000 for Center of Timism
Ukraine Activation Pledge Account
# ICANN Nation Lifehour Credits Email Name Pledged on Paid On
1 US $6.56 testconfig@timism.com Cathy Test 2022-09-11

No Brainbees will be active until five loans are received.

$1,000,000 Pledge to Activate Brainbees
and fund Center For Timism

I will send a One Million Dollar Certified Check to

c/o Oksana Markarova
Ukrainian Ambassador to United States
Embassy of Ukraine
3350 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

I understand the following for helping fund the activation of brainbees:

  1. I can name one of the schools of the Center For Timism (FIFO)
    • School of Global Government (based on Grassroot Gerrymandering)
    • School of Brainbees
    • School of Climate Change
    • School of Lifehours
    • School of Morality of More Time
  2. All payments are two-fers, that is, credited with lifehour credits (home nation) and lifehour warrants (Ukraine). The former can be used when activated and the latter will be repaid per the Repayment Hierarchy outlined in Global Democracy Tax.
  3. The required US $1,000 reservation payment will be recorded as lifehours credits in the pledger's nation and lifehour warrants in Ukraine disbursements per the Repayment Hierarchy.
  4. The certified check should be received within five(5) business days. It will be converted to Ukrainian lifehour.
  5. Bi-weekly Brainbee Activators webinar will be initiated for Activators to ask questions about Timism.

Pledge to Fund Center of Timism Startup
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