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Millionaires Crowdfunding Valdimir Putin Arrest
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Deadline for Ukraine to claim
Global Democracy Tax:
March 15, 2023

Time Left:

Ukrainians needed:1,000,000
Ukrainians signed up:6
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100 Millionaires Needed to Crowdfund
Vladimir Putin's Arrest
for International Crimes Tribunal

How can we encourage Putin's bodyguards to arrest him
and take him to the International Criminal Court?
Simple. We bribe them!

Why body guards and advisors will act: $100 million.

  1. The $100 million will be divided by the number of guards/FSB arrestors, e.g., ten arrestors equals $10 million each.
  2. Ukraine is winning the war and will not quit.
  3. Russia is losing the war. It does not have the means nor men to win ... nor the means to lose: "Rotting dead Russian soldiers found in trenches as Putin continues slaughter in east Ukraine." (YouTube vid)
  4. The West sees Putin as a threat to civilization and global warming. The West will not end the economic sanctions until Russia leaves Ukraine.
  5. Each day of war in Ukraine is a day that Russia slides faster into an economic depression from which recovery will be harder and longer.
  6. Putin's long-standing bodyguard financial rewards for unquestioned loyalties are fading away as the Russian economy sinks.
  7. The family and friends of the bodyguards are suffering more and more with a worsening future.
  8. If Putin uses the nuclear option, many Russian cities will be wiped off the face of the earth in retaliation: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Samara, etc.
  9. Vladimir Putin is the poster boy for why all nations need term limits for politicians--read Deport all Russian. Putin: L'estat c'est moi. Like Hitler, he is willing to let Russia die if he does not get his way.

It takes only a few minutes to save Russia and humanity from nuclear destruction.

  1. The pilots transporting Putin can easily land at a foreign airport. Finland is only a few minutes flying time from St. Petersburg.
  2. The pilots split $20,000,000 and are part of splitting the remaining $80,000,000.
  3. Or, one winner-take-all fighter pilot shoots down Russia's Climate Cancer who treats Mother Russia like his own fiefdom of slaves instead of the homeland of Slavs.
  4. The International Criminal Court needs to declare Vladimir Putin a war criminal so when he lands outside of Russia, he is not treated as a head of state.

Deposing Putin is a necessary condition for stopping our climate suicide.

I support Millionaires Crowdfunding Valdimir Putin Arrest
and bodyguards and pilots doing the right thing
for Russia and climate change.

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100 millionaires needed to crowdfund
arrest of Vladimir Putin
for crimes against humanity
and Mother Earth.

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