Arrest Vladimir Putin
Confirmation <big>Arrest Vladimir Putin:</big><br> Needed 100 Crowdfunders<br> Million Dollars Each
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Arrest Vladimir Putin:
Needed 100 Crowdfunders
Million Dollars Each

Crowdfunders are requested to pledge one million dollars each. When the total amount ($100,000,000) is pledged, crowdfunders will be notified of the Swiss bank to receive deposits. An accounting firm will manage distribution of funds raised by Timism for Ukraine's defense of democracy.

Reasons to make the loan:

  1. Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Earth. Putin's is a climate cancer accelerating climate change:
    1. The CO2 from burning Ukraine cities.
    2. The ignored Siberian forest fires generating massive amounts of CO2, more than all the other forest fires in the world. This a major reason for record high temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere--see Hydrophilia The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges.
    3. The post-war CO2 costs of rebuilding Ukraine.
  2. Democracy is under attack. Putin will not stop with Ukraine.
  3. Ukraine did not start this war but is paying the price of defending its sovereignty and defending civilization's democracy.
  4. Arresting Putin will reduce the probability of nuclear war.
  5. Your loan will be recorded for later repayment.

Potential Crowdfunders for Arresting Putin:

  1. Individuals who want to stop Putin so as to live and travel in a safer world in the future.
  2. Over 750 companies have exited Russia (April 17, 2022, Yale School of Management) major automakers, aviation, big tech, energy, mining, etc. Corporations have paid millions for advertising rights to numerous athletic events: Olympics, March Madness, Superbowl, etc. Many corporations are losing millions due Russia disrupting the global economic balance. They should be willing to lend one or more millions to bribe key Putin cronies.
  3. Foundations: If you send a million to Ukraine, it will help Ukraine survive. If you lend to Timism a million to arrest Putin, you will reduce the need to donate in the future as well as get your money back via the Global Democracy Tax.
  4. Governments that want to stop managing millions of Ukrainian refugees.

If Putin resorts to nuclear weapons and your entity has not helped with bribing Putin's bodyguards, well, what are your millions of dollars worth?

When 100 crowdfunders have pledged, you will be notified of the Swiss bank to handle Timism organized funds.

The International Criminal Court needs to declare Vladimir Putin a war criminal.

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$1000 commitment to pledge $1,000,000 for Arresting Vladimir Putin
Ukraine Activation Pledge Account
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1 US $31.71 Cathy Test person 2022-09-12
2 ZZ $6.56 Robert Barnett 2022-09-13

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