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Deadline for Ukraine to claim
Global Democracy Tax:
February 1, 2023

Time Left:

Ukrainians needed:1,000,000
Ukrainians signed up:6
President Zelensky request
Iceland: Backup Center of Timism
Signup for free, claim 100 lifehours

Center for Timism: Ukraine Right of First Refusal

While the originator of Timism is a smarter than average person, he has known for decades that only a democratic process can solve the myriad of human problems. Invariably, all great problem-solvers rise to their level of incompetence (the Peter Principle) or their competence fades as they burn-out from the onslaught of trying to solve too many problems (see list in Deport All Russians). Burn-out is the fuse that lights the explosion of despotism. For everyones well-being, term limits are the automatic, systemic prevention of despotism.

For one main reason, Ukraine should have the rights to the writings, theories and tools of Timism: Front-line defender of democracy. The Timist originator is burned out on exploring the ramifications and possibilities of Timism, the Morality of More Time, a.k.a., the Periodic Table of Existence. If he does not set in motion a Center for Timism then his decades of labor will be lost. He cares not for fame nor fortune. He has acted from the admonition of From those to whom much has been given, much is expected.

Below is a signup form for the Center for Timism employment that will use brainbees to prioritize winners. It is limited to applicants with a Ukrainian email address. Pay will be fair market value. Once activated and for safety/security reasons, the team may temporarily relocate to another nation until Putin's War is ended.

Overtime, most nations will send teams to learn how to extend the Tools of Timism to lower levels of  political boundaries: Nation, SubNation, Districts, and towns as well as private organizations. Each click on usage will put pennies or more into the Global Democratic Tax coffers.


  1. Who can participate
    1. Only Ukrainians can participate .
    2. Anyone over age 16 can apply, e.g., students, faculty, staff, alumni, citizens, etc. (But any Ukrainian can signup for a Timism account.)
    3. Each job will have one to seven workers selected via the meritocracy of brainbee peer-review.
    4. Other jobs will be added later.
    5. Pay will be in cash as well as lifehour credits.
    6. One need not be associated with the university for which one votes.
    7. One needs to speak English due to originator's language limitations.
    8. The originator of Timism reserves the right to terminate anyone deemed by him to be counter-productive to the stated principles and goals of Timism for better democracy. His goal is retire from Timism as soon as possible. He will relocate during start-up until self-running. He is neutral on Ukraine internal politics like the hired groundskeeper who cares not about diets of the houseowners.
  2. Universities
    1. The first university to have 100% of listed student population becomes the home of Center For Timism.
    2. Initially, activity will be held outside of Ukraine for safety and security reasons.
    3. The university will offer a Bachelors of Democracy.
  3. Activation Pledge: Brainbees for workers will begin when the $5 million goal is met to cover initial operating costs prior to  eventual cashflow tsunami.
  4. Webinar list

As more brainbees become active in more countries, the greater the Global Democracy Tax for Ukraine.

Center for Timism: University and Applicants
Winner: 1st to 100% of University Student Population
Status of choices

(must check all three with three lifeminutes fee)

University to house Center for Timism. Winner based on 100% of student population.

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute: 36,000
Sumy State University: 12,000
University of Kharkiv: 25,000
University of Kyiv: 30,000
University of Lviv: 20,000

The first school to do a mass mailing to students, faculty, staff and alumni will probably receive the rights to the Center. Portals exist for the school rectors to initiate Q&A.




Choose 3 positions for which you are qualified.
School of Global Government (Administration)
Global Government: Grassroots Gerrymandering
Social Media
School of Brainbee Applications (Coding/Programming in PHP & Mysqli). (Index)
Brainbee process results for submissions:
  • 7: This shows the basic tallying of votes in each brainbee classroom of seven submissions. You can confirm the math.
  • 49: This shows how 1st level winners create the next level of brainbees.
  • 343: Show creation of 3rd level. BrainbeeElection_2401submissions.htm
  • tested to 5,000,000 submissions
Action Teams: Bully Stoppers ... Electricity Deniers ... Jabber Democracy
Citizen Legislation
Civility Brainbees
Zero-Cost Primaries
Grassroots Gerrymandering, Global Government
Cloud Management
Idea Lotteries
PrePay Vote Tokens
Twitter Manager
VoteTime/Ballot Manager

School of Climate Change (Climate Hell)

Hydrophilia: Missing Link between CO2 and Climate Hell, the Molecular Basis
Carbon Dioxide: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
Global Dying (websection)

School of Lifehours (Ecos Nomos)

24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed
Lifehours: Define new international currency system (index)

School of Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence ... A Theory of Everything

Free Will Quality: Create or Destroy
E=MC2=hf: Speed of Light
Existential Meltdown

Applicant must have be Ukrainian
Member Email