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"Although the orthodox leaders [1637] of Massachusetts and Connecticut despised Rhode Island, they benefitted from it as a safety valve for discontents who would otherwise fester in their midsts." [Alan Taylor, American Colonies, 2001, page 182].

There will be no samizdat in Putin's Russia.

Deport All Russian Expats
To Do Their Human Duty

'It's time you reunite Eva Braun with her Führer,'
from a Swiss petition to deport Putin's mistress:
60,000 signatures as of March 22, 2022.

Dear Dying Democracies,

Thank you for helping our authoritarianism and despotism thrive. Each time your bleeding hearts take in a political refugee from our fiefdoms, you lessened our worries about internal dissidents organizing to overthrow our regimes. Our fears of a growing fifth column fade with each exit of wimpy wet noodles. Yes, fill your nation with cowards who are unwilling to fight and die for freedom and democracy in our, let me say that again, our feudal state. Dear, dear democracies you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because you do not learn from them.

Would the Soviet Union have collapsed if it had exported rather than interned the dissidents who wrote and spread the samizdats? It is reported over 1,000,000 Russians have self-deported since Putin invaded Ukraine. What could have been Putin's problem is now your problem. Yes, democracy dies in darkness from closed-eyed citizens who greedily care only for economic gain.

Also reported is that 10% of Russia's IT technicians have left Russia. Good. These techies won't have easy access to internal networks to disrupt communication and cause chaos. Would 1776 Amercan independence have happened if Britain had deported colonists to other territories as Britain was dumping its undesirables outside of England?

Encouraging refugees to vote with their feet inevitably leads to the reverse migration of your boots on our ground to deal with our refugee factories that you co-enable. For the Ukraine crisis, Russian Expat helpers can be called Putin co-enablers, too often choosing dilletantes over democracy. Like people donating to dogs instead of to humanity.

Yes, dear dying democracies, many cliches capture your stupidity. These pearls will not educate you but will make it more enjoyable to watch your self-defeating stupidity on evening news.

  1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.
  2. Morality without practicality is immoral.
  3. Visions without reason is treason to reason.
  4. Winning battles that are Pyrrhic victories is how you lose a war.
  5. A saltwater solution to a problem only worsens the problem.
  6. Careless caring causes careworn carers:
  7. When everyone gets into one lifeboat then it is no longer a lifeboat.
  8. Each immigrant is a straw that will sink the boat.
  9. Igknowance of the law is no excuse. Igknowance of Mother Nature's Laws is no escape.

You have Kodak moment morality, going from one snapshot gut-reaction to another. You lack the video morality of looking at the inevitable stream of pictures, i.e., the Calculus of Reality based on the Math of Mother Nature. You have Humpty-Dumpty morality.

When the muddled-class is not carelessly bemoaning the fate of refugees, another favorite trending topic is climate change. What happens when a refugee from an underdeveloped country with an annual CO2 sin of 2 tons goes to a developed nation with an annual average of 16 tons? He becomes a devil's disciple on the road to Climate Hell (see Angela Merkle's TimeBomb).

This is like the U.S. anti-abortionists not looking at the life-long costs of unwanted fetus:

  1. $275,00 by age 18,
  2. 1.2 megatons of CO2 by age 75,
  3. 2,244,750 gallons of water, and
  4. a rise in crime as impoverished teenagers seek a materialistic lifestyle.

In summary, nations accepting refugees are helping us, the masters of the perverse, stay in power. Per history, you are denigrating your democracies. With the exception of Ukrainians whose able-bodied citizens are fighting for democracy (rather than abandoning it to despots), Russian refugees should be deported. The wives and children of Ukrainians fighting for democracy are the only true political refugees. The rest are apolitical grifters.

Sincerely thanking you for taking our discontents who worsen your inflation and taxation,

Despots of the World Unite: We have only our privileges and lives to lose

All Russian Expats should be sent back to Russia

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Emailed on August 22, 2022:

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