Good Samaritans(3) for Ending Putin's War in Ukraine
After France was defeated by Germany in the Second World War, the officers and sailers of the French fleet in Alexandria, Egypt, were paid to stay out of the war by the British government. They did not defect. The French did not want to be used by the Germans nor by the Allies. They became neutral until sailing as part of the Free French naval forces in 1943. This historical precedent can be a model for Russian embassy staff and army soldiers who love Russia more than Vladimir Putin.

To speed up the end of Putan's War and his arrest, it is not enough to ask Russians to vote with their feet to protest Putin taking Russia to war and killing innocent Ukrainians and Russians. Russians with a sense of history need guarantees that they will not be homeless and hungry if they patriotically protest with their feet.

Therefore, all democracy-loving nations are encouraged to become good samaritans by posting on their national website homepages a Good Samaritan declaration of shelter and support. This includes wages for Russians who walk away from their embassies or units. They are not defecting nor seeking asylum, just seeking temporary shelter and sustenance. Besides regular pay, they will be offered wage-paying jobs for the duration by participating corporations (see below poster).

Governments should offer a Good Samaritan Pledge. The actual pledge should be simple and short, to wit, On behalf of the citizens of our nation, we will cover the cost of shelter and wages for any Russian embassy worker who protests Putin unilaterally taking the Russian nation and peopleto war.. Signed, the President/Premier of the nation.

For best, immediate effect, the declaration announcement should be televised and advertised in newspapers to inform embassy workers. And, each arrival should be publicized.

Classes of Good Samaritans
  1. Russian Soldiers: Mandela/Tutu Project
  2. Russian Embassy Workers
  3. Mandela/Tutu Project
  4. Marshall Plan #2 Military
  5. Volunteers
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